Please take a look at this historical document of my first step as an entrepreneur and co-founder in the internet industry. It was back in 1995, ca. 2 years before the commercial breakthrough of the internet in Germany happened. This local newspaper article tells about the opening of one of my public computer terminals, they provided free information about local stores, hotels, restaurants, sight seeing tips, etc., and where connected with each other terminal along the whole country.  It was a revolutionary technology developed by a software engineer from IBM. Its core was the speed of data-transfer and video sequences, they where never seen before this way. The picture shows me with the director of the community in which I had installed the pillar.

After a long journey with many time consuming, but important lessons about trial and error strategies in entrepreneurship and business development, I’m very happy finally to met a visionary man like Mr. Ash Mufareh and his team. They develop and provide fantastic income solutions for literally everyone, and are based on latest internet technology (AI). Combined with a unique and very powerful income plan, what do I need more?

The position as a founder with ONPASSIVE is a huge gift for me and I wish, that everybody could take the time to learn more about the business concept and its huge potential. And when I talk about “learning”, I don’t mean primary facts , math, business plans and money, but I talk about people, heart and soul and a perfect mindset about how it works to create long termed possibilities they match all rules and laws, worldwide. This is a very demanding task and I have “learned” that there is someone who can do it in a perfect way.

Thanks Mr. Ash Mufareh, God bless!