colin o'brien

I have been on FB for a very long time, I have nearly 5000 friends. My posts cover a wide variety of subjects, including morality, spirituality truth in medicine and many other things that I have felt strongly about.

I have also posted the odd biz op or two. And to be honest, not with earth shattering success but I was always genuine in my belief that they would succeed.

I believed that every failure, was indeed not a failure but in fact a step closer to success, if you never give up.

In fact my mantra had become. Try, fail, get up. Try, fail, get up. Try, fail, get up. Try, succeed. Live the life that you dreamed.

I have finally found that “THING”, (ONPASSIVE) that I would even recommend my Granny to invest her pension in. Matter of fact I did it for her and for all of my kids too. They will never struggle to make ends meet again. Now that’s a good feeling. Life looks a lot better now.