The 21st century has developed many new technologies that we have always dreamt of seeing old sci-fi movies, and even some technologies that we never saw coming.

Do you ever wonder how a website chat service responds to your message so quickly, or how does your phone autocompletes words as you type a text message? The answer to these questions is artificial intelligence. It’s already being applied by multiple businesses across the globe in a variety of ways, from automating a portion of customer support to achieving marketing goals.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, ONPASSIVE’s Plug-n-play tools, are designed to automate your end to end business processes. These tools help to achieve maximum productivity by removing human efforts for each day to day activity and set your business in the auto-pilot mode. You do not always have to hire a workforce to complete your marketing tasks.

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Let’s take a look at the array of possibilities offered by the ONPASSIVE tools:

Infused CRM:

It allows businesses to acquire marketing- and sales-relevant insights, optimizing nearly the entire customer acquisition process. ONPASSIVE tools help small business owners analyze customer feedback from the communication platforms and then automatically adjust marketing and lead generation activities based on that information.

Reduce repetitive tasks:

If you are looking to eliminate your day to day business tasks, AI is the key.  For example, schedule meetings at a time that works for everyone, AI personal assistant can schedule meetings that can help your team spend their time on more important things.

Automation of repetitive tasks will allow you to invest your time in more creative tasks that require human effort.

Automating Customer Communications:

It is seen that customers prefer online chat before contacting a business. Chatbots are a great idea to increase sales. It is like having an employee working 24/7.

Most small-sized businesses do not have a dedicated customer service or sales team yet. AI tools can help alleviate the pressure and allow you to focus your time on the tasks that matter the most.

Understand Your Customer’s Behaviour:

The AI-powered tools help you track your user’s journey as they navigate through your website and analyze their behavior. The valuable insights that these tools provide make correct decisions to create a more personalized experience or understand their buying pattern for the customers.

Acquire Competitive Intelligence:

AI tools have the ability to track competitors across various digital platforms such as their websites and social media and gathers a variety of data, make slight adjustments in their marketing language then convert it into easy-to-read reports.

Enhanced Marketing:

ONPASSIVE’s AI-powered tools allow advertisers and marketers to target the right customers. These tools inspire business owners to create effective advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. Business owners can understand customer behavior and improve their marketing campaigns.

Smarter email marketing:

Everyone is aware of the challenges of email marketing effectiveness. AI tools help you improve and simplify email marketing techniques.

The AI tools help businesses create personalized responses for a subscriber’s actions such as activity, inactivity, or a specific date like a birthday and make sure that the email reaches the right customers. It encourages to analyze customer reactions and involvement of the user to make it a more effective form of marketing.

Mass Marketing:

This tool helps businesses reach a mass audience at the same time, irrespective of their geographical locations. This tool helps the business owners reach to maximum audience.

More Robust Sales:

The usage of artificial intelligence as a way to increase sales is also a concept that goes hand in hand with online marketing. Hence, it is another excellent way to ease yourself into the world of AI without feeling overwhelmed.

Revolutionize Human Resources:

AI tools help streamline the hiring and onboarding processes and also acquire feedback from new employees about how to improve those processes, both of which can have a real impact on a company’s bottom line. It helps you screen hundreds of applications quickly so that you can spend time with the most promising candidates.

There is not a single bit of doubt that AI tools are here to stay. ONPASSIVE platform provides the opportunity to make the most out of the latest advancements in technology with AI. It opens up numerous possibilities for business owners to accomplish their business goals. ONPASSIVE takes care of your business and your personal needs through its smart and advanced business automation tools.

ONPASSIVE has been building tools with AI applications of tomorrow. These competitive intelligence tools let you gather much more detailed information faster, allowing you to respond quickly and prepare for changes in your industry that can affect your business.

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