If you are a blogger or a writer of any kind, you are well aware of the power of words and their impact online. What if blogging is combined with another powerful factor i.e. News. We are also well aware of the power of media. If we can use this combined power, it will be easy to solve any issues that are arising in your digital marketing business.

Newsjacking is a huge benefit for content marketers because it helps in getting the attention of the media. You can leverage the power of media and benefit from breaking news to generate brand mentions such as social shares, links and much more. With this strategy, no matter what the size of the business, they can leverage it to gain the maximum number of customers.

Wondering how to make the best of it for your business? Here is a guide on how to start harnessing the power of newsjacking for content marketing success.

Be Aware of Trending and Breaking News

Always set automatic alerts to receive breaking news. You need to have a news source so that you can create your own story. Set alerts on your phone, laptop, and PC. When you are creating a story based on the news, make sure that it is focussed on bringing up a positive and funny note. Don’t create a controversy with anyone related to that news. With proper newsjacking, you can get public attention and get more leads. With this method, customers see you as a reputed source or business.

Decide on Right Platform

When you get interesting news to work your story on, make sure you choose the best platform to publish your story. The selection mainly depends on what type of content you have because each topic behaves differently on different platforms. Newsjacking happens in real-time and thus you can’t plan ahead before. You have to be ready for whatever the upcoming news is and act on it quickly. Learn from some of the best examples used by several brands online. This will help you with effective newsjacking.

Perform Extensive Keyword Research

Along with giving your story a good boost of news, you need to power up with good keywords. Use trending hashtag which will help in amplifying the overall reach of your news story. Research on the keywords that are working out for you, this will help in getting your story up. Make use of long-tail keywords. Remember, Google picks out news stories really quick and starts ranking them within an hour. Check the search volumes of the main keywords because they are important to drive more traffic to your website.

Newsjacking is the best digital marketing solutions for content marketing as you can yield better results if it is used well. You should always be prepared to act on the news and come up with a catchy story or content to blend in with the news.