ONPASSIVE Artificial Intelligence

The term “artificial intelligence” or AI invokes both hope and fear among us humans. The hope is AI will help us solve cancer, global warming, and the world’s food crisis. The fear is that AI will become smarter than humans and ultimately triumph over the most incredible creature of the world!

We still think AI as the technology of tomorrow—and that makes us worry that many of us aren’t paying close attention to the unbelievable leaps occurring in the field. The truth is, AI has already begun transforming life and marketing, as we know it. The debate about the future of AI will be likely to continue well into the near future.

Where Does ONPASSIVE AI Come from?

The adoption of ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence is here right now, bringing businesses the benefits of personalized messaging, predictable customer value, real-time audience segmentation, and optimized media buys. It has ceased to be just an abstract idea placed at some distant point in the next decade. Instead, it is a tool that marketers or business owners must equip themselves with now to stay productive and relevant for the near future.

With the data flowing in from apps, CRMs, websites, social media, marketing automation systems, and even the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses now have more relevant information to leverage than ever before. Optimal marketing ROI is a topmost priority for any business owner, and once they pair with the power of ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence, a massive value is created instantly.

The idea of blending artificial intelligence into the ONPASSIVE ecosystem is to develop improved ability to forecast sales, understand consumers more effectively, enhance data points,  recognize up-selling and cross-selling opportunities that conventional business intelligence tools can not track. All of this massively heightens consumer experience, service, and retention.

ONPASSIVE Artificial intelligence has inspired numerous innovations in online marketing, and at the same time, many latest AI-driven tools were introduced into the marketing technology pile. Now, let’s look at four very successful uses where ONPASSIVE, along with artificial intelligence, is transforming marketing and producing breakthrough outcomes:

Content Creation

ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence has a vast potential to curate and produces a large amount of top quality content. The artificial intelligence tools within the ONPASSIVE dashboard can further be applied to proofread content and then share it with the right audience, at the right time, and on the relevant platforms at scale. The ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence platform is leveraging machine learning to produce targeted content. This platform deploys a superior natural language generation (NLG) to generate meaningful content from the data.

Digital Advertising and Media Buying

ONPASSIVE Artificial intelligence is already disrupting the way enterprises purchase media and advertise. New AI-driven marketing involves placing personalized ads in front of a too segmented target audience based on elaborate algorithms and big data. Though some segmentation and targeting are taken care of in today’s conventional digital marketing, it is based on limited data sets often acquired from familiar data sources like customer touchpoints, Website traffic, CRMs, etc.

 With ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence, personalization grows to the next level. Brands today are starting to adopt several artificial intelligence tools offered by ONPASSIVE to effectively identify and segment audiences, build advertising content, analyze variations, enhance campaign performance, and optimize ad spend. AI-driven ad tools discover patterns in advertising data and predict what modifications to campaigns will heighten the performance against a particular KPI.

Conversational E-Commerce and the Bot Landscape

Smart artificial intelligence chatbots can be spotted on numerous websites nowadays. While some chatbots are nothing more than just advanced command languages, others are powered by natural language processing(NLP), and the smartest chatbots are in the field of self-driving cars. The technology driving these types of bots ranges considerably in its application, complexity, and maturity level.

 Consumers require simple processes, minimum wait time, and self-service options, and quicker turnaround time wherever and whenever possible. ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence chatbots perform precisely these tasks in a more effective, reliable, and safer way. They are accessible 24/7, and they understand various languages. Lastly, they can be accessed through consumer’s most preferred platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or even through voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Behavioral & Predictive Analytics

Nowadays, there is so much data accessible for marketers that they alone can’t probably attempt to analyze it all. When datasets from all resources are evaluated, predictive analytics can’t be perfect. Famous examples of predictive analytics would be a movie recommendation on Netflix or product offers on Amazon. Creation of ads based on demographic segmentation, price optimization to measure the impact of the price change on revenue, past customer behavior and trends, ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence mixed withpredictive and behavioral analytics are increasingly used by businesses to improve their lead conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence is a competent tool in facilitating innovation by producing competitive advantage and efficiencies while opening up human resources to concentrate on more rewarding and higher-value strategic work. With machine learning, big data will make it easy for marketers and business owners to get more out of their marketing efforts and ensure a better return on investment.