Wow, on the video, check your pulse if you are not swelling in pride for our company ONPASSIVE! O-Founders with other products are right around the corner. We are at the doorstep, and the global launch will be right on time. I have been with ONPASSIVE since Feb 2019 and am so excited to be so close to the next chapter.

I want the world to see what we see, plain and simple. It’s a really interesting perspective that I think of people like Ash, Marty, Mike, Suzie, Cyndee, Michael, Red, and so many others as colleagues and friends. I listen to them all the time – weekly, even daily. Then I remember they never heard my voice or could pick out my name.

I’m one in a million- literally. But they are the stars, the leaders, and the one genius behind the simple concept to make the 97% winners too. Easy say – hard to do. In full appreciation, gratitude, and pride for the owner, the Leadership Team, and my fellow Founders – We are ONPASSIVE!