Dr. Bill Williams


The Proof Is in The Pudding!

What a joy it will be when we are free to revel in the knowledge of what we have in ONPASSIVE with the public. Knowing what we as founders know, we forge on towards launch having to keep the lid on the genie in the bottle. Once the products and services are revealed, what a blessing it will be. All the doubters will be silenced; all the scoffers will realize they could, should if only they would!

For now, we fight the good fight knowing that our rewards will justify our faith and diligence. Any worth fight fighting brings the potential for pain. We may be persecuted by our friends and even our families. Hang in there. Take the high road. Look at them with a smile because they simply don’t understand what we have offered them. In the end, I believe they’ll all want to be your friend once again and be proud to call you family.