We all might have remembered how we spend our days during the lockdown. The time prevented us from going out for leisure, fun, entertainment and meeting our relatives and well-wishers. Some of us might have felt bored, lonely and upset with the existed situation.

Presently, we are experiencing the second wave of the corona virus. The situation is turning out to be the same as last year, with the increase in the number of people affected by the virus. How is that one is going to get rid of boring and lonely instances?

Similarly, how about the businesses that have been significantly impacted by it. Whether it is dealing with the clients or carrying out any promotional activities, time necessitated choosing an online platform to efficiently carry out these tasks without any hindrance. Whether it is a social life or any business, Online communities are one of the available options to stay lively and engaged.

This being said, Marketing holds a vital role for any businesses. Ways and means to enhance business promotion are to be explored to make it more effective. Though promotion has turned tough with the pandemic, the task is not hindered. Online communities have best served to stay connected and share ideas.

What are online communities?

An online community is formed by a group of like-minded people who interact online to share ideas, activities etc.

How can brands use online communities for promotion?

Online communities serve as a quality platform to stay connected with genuine and like-minded people. Registering to an online communication tool takes all the quality data as input. Brands use online communities to reach out to a massive audience with ease. Also, as a part of the marketing strategy, they implement certain reference links that allow the customer to click on them and navigate to the pages intended.

Let us consider Quora as an example, wherein questions are posed and answered. Businesses can use this as a platform to promote the products and services through question and answer session. It is a great idea to create one’s community instead of using an existing one with the help of the required setup.

Importance of online communities

Seek advice: Sometimes, businesses get stuck up and might require advice or solutions for their existing problems. Getting engaged in an online community sorts out any problems and could provide solutions when needed.

Similar Interest: Online community serves as a platform for sharing similar interests. It helps businesses express their thoughts and views concerning a subject freely. As more people come and interact, knowledge is shared and helps implement it when needed.

Promote Ideas: Helps promote good competition among businesses. Promotional ideas can be put forward for discussion. Doing so helps to know the pros and cons and how well the ideas will generate results as expected.

Share success: who would not wish to share the joy? Everyone does, right? To be a part of an online community means collaborating and sharing the joy of success among the community.

Enhance sales: While the online community helps businesses collaborate, it also helps interact with the customers. Seeking advice and implementing changes is likely to gain customer satisfaction and increase sales and revenue.


Having learnt how businesses use online communities for business promotion, and advantageous, let us into few aspects of online communities for AI that significantly impact the businesses.

AI has influenced the way things work. Human experiences are regularly fed into the system to act smartly in situations where human intervention is lacking. Online communities have sprung up to discuss a wide range of topics on Artificial Intelligence. Innovators, scientists and those seeking information on AI can become a part of it.

Online communities no doubt serve as the best platform to bring the best results out of a topic spend for discussion.