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There is no such thing as a bad life; it is just a bad day. We all have failed at least once in our lifetime, few of us failed to get our dream job, few on owning a huge villa with a killer view. There are many opportunities that knock on our doors. It is just that we just have to open the right one. GoFounders ONPASSIVE is one such golden opportunity that has opened doors of happiness to many people. It is all set to make history in the marketing industry. 

Why is this a golden opportunity for everyone?

ONPASSIVE is a brilliant network marketing opportunity. It may seem similar to other marketing companies, but this is unique, re-defined which uses full-fledged automated system.

Some salient features of ONPASSIVE:

Equipped with Automated Marketing

AI does everything quicker and efficient. Automated marketing helps in managing processes and multifunctional campaigns across various channels at a time. ONPASSIVE uses artificial intelligence to make sure that everything is working as promised. ONPASSIVE uses own codes and own every bit of the technology for its system and continue doing so. The power of artificial intelligence can be harnessed to bring various benefits that in your business like automated recruiting, sending traffic to your sites, etc.

Maximum Residual Earnings

Residual income in network marketing is the earnings you make based on the efforts you put on moving forward. ONPASSIVE helps you increase your residual income. With its curated business model, you can start earning more and don’t have to worry about getting things done. It provides fully automated tools for your online marketing business and helps you grow the team. Your earnings will grow every month and for the rest of your life. 

100% Refund Policy

Not everything you believe in works out for you. Few things are bound to fail and it goes that way because it’s the natural and everyone is a victim of it. If you think this is not the right opportunity for you, there is always a way out and that too with the exact investment you stepped in with. Get a refund of your investment whenever you wish. This goes without saying ‘You will always have ONPASSIVE friendship and always welcome to step back in the game’.

Own Financial Portfolio

With ONPASSIVE, you get to have your portfolio specially drafted by the team. There is no need of tracking your earnings every day. This is done automatically. This business solution will provide massive advantages for building anyone’s financial portfolio. They get your entire job done including recruiting, however it is recommended that you recruit too. It will only help build your wealth much faster.

Don’t waste time in thinking much, put aside your fear and become a founder now. Never ignore this opportunity, it doesn’t come knocking twice. Try it out, see how it works for you, never give up because ONPASSIVE is there to help you all along the way.