Disruptive Technology

We exist in an era of disruption. Industries are getting remodeled. Small companies are gradually capturing market share and developing their brand. The word monopoly in business is slowly disappearing, and anyone with the innovative products and correct strategies can enjoy revenue percentage.

While AI is still not a clear tech for several, there is no doubt that the latest AI and machine learning is heavily dependent on the massive amount of data. There are numerous forecasts made by experts about the prospect of data analytics and how is it going to shape AI and machine learning in the upcoming years.

The growth of AI is upon us. From self-driving cars to SIRI, AI is emerging in a way that resembles human behavior and characteristics to the next level.

With the abundance of opportunities across all industries, it should not be a surprise that ONPASSIVE AI will soon become the world’s most disruptive technology. It’s time for industry leaders to study how AI can be employed in their sector.

Top Roles of ONPASSIVE Technology in Any Business

Despite all the panic predictions on artificial intelligence and about robots taking over human jobs in the near future, no one can dismiss the massive role of AI in business as it is revealing itself as an enabler rather than a disruptor.

Market & Customer Insights

ONPASSIVE AI can play a huge role when it comes to analyzing the market and your consumers. Predictive analysis can be implemented to the data accumulated from the web matrix, system matrix, and social media to develop a better and improved product. You can take your customer experience to the next level simply through better customer insights.

The AI-based practices also optimize marketing campaigns and can bring down marketing expenses by presenting the most efficient marketing tool for your business and even by eliminating unlikely consumers from the list of possible consumers.

Virtual Assistance

Numerous businesses are either already using or planning to employ AI for virtual assistance. Companies deploy chatbots for multiple usages. The most potent vertical is customer service. Several are not satisfied with the idea that customers speak with a machine as it may stop working after a certain point. Still, there is potential in machine-driven support with human-driven customer service.

ONPASSIVE’s AI-driven virtual assistance and Chatbots can play a vital role in how customers are communicating with technology. We completely believe that in the following decade, virtual assistants can become a nucleus of our lives, and more and more companies are going to utilize this to take their customer service to the next level.

Personalized Customer Experience

ONPASSIVE platform enables entrepreneurs to present a more personalized experience to their consumers. AI can analyze massive data way more effectively. It can instantly recognize patterns in the information like past buying preferences, buying history, credit scores, and other popular threads. Millions of transactions can be analyzed each day to provide personalized services to every customer.

Process Automation

In the last few decades, one thing that is continuously arising in technology is automation. Several automation tools are being invented and developed, which make business processes flexible. The first-ever automation devices were home appliances, and later industrial robots were developed. In the present day, superior robots are operating alongside humans in multiple places.

Efficient Sales Process

Sales approaches and techniques have moved a long way from sending long emails and cold calling. Sales teams are employing AI technology to understand their customers better while providing tailor-made solutions. With ONPASSIVE technology, you may ask a few questions to your buyers & depending on their preferences you can customize your products and show only the ones which will be the best fit as per the customer’s choice.

ONPASSIVE is an AI technology service provider & has the knowledge to support you in distinguishing & accomplishing all technical requirements. Our data analytics and AI tools are emerging trends and real-life disruptive technology ready to help you achieve your business dreams.