onpassive - a valuable mission

It would appear that to avoid any misunderstanding and to provide clear context the terms Valuable and Mission demand definition.

‘Valuable’ as defined by Lexico at Oxford.

Extremely useful or important. Worth a great deal of money.

‘Mission’ will be defined as

An important assignment given to a person or group of people.

To establish the value of ONPASSIVE, it is extremely important to understand why and how ONPASSIVE is needed and why ONPASSIVE levels the playing field. No longer will those who seek only self-enrichment at the expense of others be tolerated or allowed. The whole idea of I take from you and consume it is a self-destructing proposition. To any reasonable person the “dog eats dog” philosophy is at best, a temporary fix to whatever ails one.

However, it is true in order to build something of Value, change is necessary and change inevitably comes at the price of some destruction.  Fortunately for us, the destruction that needs be is something we all seek to destroy. The idea that in order for me/you to get ahead someone else has to loose. When looked closely that line of thought well, vacuum sucks the air out of the room and we all die for want of air.

The value of ONPASSIVE should be apparent to everyone. Truth is we all do not think the same which is good. On the other hand we all have the same needs and perhaps desires. ONPASSIVE is a platform where one can accomplish their goals find fulfilment building up others instead of tearing them down. Sounds like a win win to me.

Our Mission, emphasis on “OUR” and voluntary acceptance of said assignment is to propagate and build what is good for all. Do not for one instance think this is a socialist idea. Far from it, it is an opportunity for everyone to become involved with what is truly good.

Please make no mistake your happiness is up to you. All the money in the world will not fix a guilty conscience. The only cure for that is to forgive yourself if you`ve done wrong and we all have. Then look yourself in the mirror and go about building up others with a happy grateful heart.