ONPASSIVE AI Tools for Business

ONPASSIVE is a 100% automated, handsfree business platform dedicated to enriching the online experiences of businesses by offering intelligent and innovative solutions to excel. Today, the world is more digital than ever, and we are on the verge of adopting the power of artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

Our mission is to leverage the power of AI and help businesses with the AI-powered tools to build your businesses into online phenomena. The IT firm is a lucrative online ecosystem of business tools powered by a dedicated team entrusted with various ingenious practices.

Here is how ONPASSIVE AI helps you bid farewell to the repetitive tools and equip your business with automation:

As said above, ONPASSIVE integrates machine learning, automation, and human intelligence, swiftly transforming the path of business development. The platform builds intelligent business tools to achieve business goals and drive traction. In doing so, business owners can deliver high economic value, actionable insights, and performance capabilities not previously achievable.

Here are some of the best AI tools from ONPASSIVE Ecosystem to help businesses grow in the real world:


TrimURL is a tool designed by ONPASSIVE to ease the challenges of long URLs. In today’s marketing world, being crisp and sound can attract more traction than being pompous. Many digital experts face challenges with using long URLs.

ONPASSIVE – TrimURL helps in making email-friendly, social media-friendly links that can be used in various places – blogs, instant messages, online publications, and ad campaigns. The tool TrimURL will simply make the work of a marketer easy. Short URLs would work effectively on social media posts. TrimUrl makes the link shorter and more manageable.

Online Marketing

Now that Internet Marketing is getting more and more cost-effective. This opens up hundreds of opportunities for both small and large scale companies to come up with innovation in online marketing.

With the advancement of technology, it has been so easy for everyone to access the internet, and almost everyone is online in today’s world.

This has led businesses to focus on the right platform, where they can find their target audience—knowing where your target audience is the first step to get more leads and sales in the field of marketing.

Automated Tools

With the implementation of one of the trending technologies of today’s digital world – Artificial Intelligence, ONPASSIVE has emerged into a successful business platform.

The automated tools help a lot in making any work easier and simpler. All business models used by ONPASSIVE are AI-powered, which guarantees the product’s promising outcomes.

Business Automation

The actions of the industrial revolution have impacted on how businesses work today and have made technology go hand in hand with the automation of work. From generating automated web traffic to automated recruiting and real-time task assignments ONPASSIVE AI platform is helping businesses achieve their goals effortlessly.

A growing trend towards the automation of daily tasks has inspired several companies to employ Artificial Intelligence. ONPASSIVE AI understands the same and builds sophisticated AI tools to help companies to automate their routine processes.

Every entrepreneur, manager, and decision-maker should be aware of the benefits of artificial intelligence and what it can offer future business ventures. Each of the tools in the ONPASSIVE ecosystem is helpful in its way, thus showing what an AI-powered platform can do for people. For business enthusiasts, ONPASSIVE AI offers fast, intelligent, and on-demand AI solutions to help companies practice and excel automation.