Small Businesses

Artificial intelligence is slowly penetrating the small businesses day by day. Various small businesses are showcasing AI innovations that are helping them to drive sales, streamline processes, and make informed decisions.

Limited budgets have often left small businesses at a disadvantage. Thanks to today’s affordable artificial intelligence (AI) tools that are continuously helping small businesses to evolve day by day. These AI tools are opening up new doors for advanced targeting and optimization that previously were reserved for only more substantial organizations.

Meanwhile, the majority of small businesses remain slow adopters and non-adopters of AI technology. Most small business owners think the introduction of AI in small business operations is nothing more than jumping on the bandwagon.

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However, the research predicts that by 2030 active adopters of AI technologies can double their cash flow, while non-adopters can lose up to 20% of theirs. This is a hint for small business owners that it’s time they adopt AI tools or prepare to lose a considerable part of their market share.

So what do you think about in-house AI solutions? At this point, it will not be easy for small businesses to invest in custom AI software. Instead, they can consider ONPASSIVE’s soon to be launched AI technology integrated tools for their strategic planning and monitoring the market.

Though robotics, smart kiosks, and chatbots are generating hype, predictive analytics proves to be the most potent and viable AI technology to date. It analyzes big sets of data and forecasts visitor traffic, revenues, and costs.

The ONPASSIVE AI tools are dedicated to solving it’s user’s pain points, creating value, and being flexible enough to serve various groups of small businesses.


What’s at stake?

Currently, the competition is much more fierce for small businesses looking to stay alive. Small-sized companies don’t work with a billion-dollar budget and can be pushed out very easily. The stakes can never be any higher to grow and retain the customer base.

In some cases, current customers represent 40 percent of revenue, and AI is going to help level the marketing playing field. AI allows real-time competitive reporting that can help small businesses by making the right recommendations on how to compete better in areas where it lacks as compared to other companies in the market.

AI-driven, smart client management tools have become more affordable and accessible to small-sized businesses. It increases the value of the data gathered on various channels such as social, emails, and calls by providing insights into what customers want and may need in the future.

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What is the potential ROI?

Integrating AI technology into your marketing process can be pretty intimidating, but at some point, it has to be done. Waiting too long to embrace AI can find themselves on the wrong side of profits soon.

ONPASSIVE’s AI tools have the power to save money by avoiding the wasted cost of failed marketing efforts like misunderstanding audiences, non-performing ads, lazy personalization, and failing to understand who needs what ad. These ONPASSIVE AI tools will save you money, time, and efforts by finding an effective and cost-efficient strategy to collect and analyze data from various channels and move quickly to make better decisions.

Until recently, large businesses have been the only outfits with enough funds to take advantage of AI-driven marketing tools. However, with the introduction of platforms such as ONPASSIVE, AI tools are now affordable for small businesses, like never before. Hence, the potential ROI from AI is just too great to resist for too long.