Part 1

Artificial Intelligence Revolution has gained massive momentum in recent years. The present intelligent platforms are capable of handling, managing a lot of data and simplifying complex computations faster. The past couple of years have seen several accomplishments in machine learning by utilizing neural systems to mimic the actions of real neurons of a human mind. Artificial Intelligence is slowly ending up some portion of the technology and services we use consistently. ONPASSIVE Eco System implements these factors to provide AI tools to aid businesses in their endeavors.

The futuristic technology – Artificial intelligence may seem like the domain of endless imagination, but how did it all start? How ONPASSIVE AI services will vastly affect your life, regardless of whether you’re aware of it or not? And in the coming years, AI as technology will surpass the performance of humans in solving complex tasks. Are we capable enough to invite the changes brought by artificial intelligence? Here are the answers to all those questions:

Over the past few years, several kinds of AI have given rise to other artificial intelligence systems to work smarter. Here, we will look into various Artificial Intelligence revolution factors and their effect on your business.

First and the foremost thing – The birth of Artificial Intelligence:

We have already studied the birth of AI in our previous blog. For those who are new, here is a short brief of how AI came into existence ㅡ The term AI was first coined in 1956 by John McCarthy, who was inspired by the “Turing Test” motive – “Can machines think?”. Eventually, a team of researchers set out to find if that’s a possibility in real life, and we all see the results of that endeavor today.

First Set of Factors that Led to the Artificial Intelligence Revolution:

1. Capital

When the AI boomed with promising results, it inspired many intellects to invest in the future. Ever since then, the capital has been increasing in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution, where it raised $2.4 billion in 2015. The result of this led 200+ AI new businesses to boom and raised over $1.5 billion in the first half of 2016 alone. It’s no wonder to say the deal activity here is fast and furious.

2. Algorithms

At the heart of AI, it is all about imitating human intelligence and mastering what it is doing with the help of more and more datasets. Algorithms are built to understand with the help of deep learning and its hierarchical pattern recognition. This serves as the main force driving the implementation of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution. By developing algorithms that can learn and understand on its own, AI got a host framework for it to grow upon.

3. Hardware

As Artificial Intelligence Revolution made noise all around the globe, many companies have tried to implement it in their practices to boost quality. Several companies are aiding to provide a platform for AI to work. The development of hardware units like the tensor processing unit (TPU), Qualcomm’s new neural processing unit (NPU), and more chips are being developed to make AI faster and more powerful.

4. Data

We all know that the data is the new oil; it is as important as hardware is to AI. With the help of large data sets, machine learning algorithms can learn on their own by refining hypotheses iteratively. Right from ongoing data discovery to the implementation of algorithms and data, many such tools are created to work with data to enable an analysis of a large number of openly available datasets.

Above are the major factors that led to an AI revolution to boom. These can be seen as the major pillars that held the booming AI over the past few years. There are other essential factors that took the AI to the next level, i.e., the AI we can see, hear today. Tune in for the next update of ONPASSIVE AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence to know more.