Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of online businesses, and there is no doubt when we quote this. It’s going to change the face of business structures, functions, and connections. AI has already started making an impact in various business activities, especially in the field of sales and promotions.

However, in this article, we will understand how an organization could use AI to retain its existing customers.

Customer Retention is the most important aspect of business where the objective is not to lose existing customers, keep them engaged, and increase loyalty towards the brand. It helps to establish long-lasting valuable and mutually beneficial relationships with the customers that can create an organic resistance around the brand from competitive offers.

There are a few companies that offer AI-driven solutions towards solving individual customer service issues. However, the customer retention process is beyond customer service and more towards organizational attitude towards planning and executing.

ONPASSIVE is an IT company that develops AI applications that automate and streamline business operations. Its AI-driven tools are efficient, costeffective, and highly productive. Some of its tools are focused on providing solutions for complete customer-oriented services, very helpful for the customer retention process.

Below are the ways ONPASSIVE’s AI solutions can help you retain your existing customers:

  • Anticipate Customer Needs: A few ways to achieve customer retention results are to collect customer-driven data and analyze to create strategies towards customer pain points. Individual customers are unique, and they interact with the brand differently, and their feedbacks are considered as the Voice of Customers (VoC).

ONPASSIVE tools help you collect those data points and anticipate customer needs by understanding consumer behavior and building campaigns based on last and historical behavior.

The data points help you to publish personalized campaigns, track customer buying patterns, deliver relevant communication, and create offers that draw their attention as and when applicable.

  • Product Design: VoC is nothing but valuable feedback received from customers based on their experience with products and services. The VoC is essential for designing products to deliver a better customer experience. These are the inputs for improving product feel, features, and designs.

For example, if a company has designed a SaaS application that would automate the financial risk management system and few features do not function as expected, then it is essential to receive customer feedback to identify and fix problem areas.

The customers highly appreciate long-lasting and perfectly designed products. Happy customers are mostly to visit again to your website for future shopping purposes and help in the brand awareness process through word-of-mouth.

  • Targeted Email and Promotional Campaigns: ONPASSIVE tools use a customer database to identify the right audience based on their purchase funnel and creates buyers personas to deliver personalized content. Thus, it ensures relevant ad delivery and high ROI, which, in return, helps in budget planning for other business activities. Personalized content delivery creates a good brand image, and customers feel your brand understands their needs and delivers the right products and offers at the right time.

ONPASSIVE AI solutions enhance business analytics engine to optimize individual customer experiences at scale. AI tools help in segmenting the customer database based on previous interactions and later customize contents, messages, and ads based on the segmented data. At the same time, these tools create forums to receive customer feedback to improve product designs and service features, thus ensuring more customer satisfaction and long-lasting relationship with the brand.