Artificial intelligence is an outstanding technology following the futuristic passageway. In this growing era, it’s seizing the attention of all the multinational companies.

Anticipate in business needs using ONPASSIVE artificial intelligent tools and take investigation and development on another level. This advanced technology platform is growing as an essential part of businesses for research and development, offering a robust and accurate solution.

Let us cover a few advanced ONPASSIVE AI tools for every business:

  • Video Mailing: Video mailing tool is a part of a marketing tool that employs embedded HTML5 videos, GIFs, and static images following with a play button as a direct link to a video that enhances subscriber engagement via emails.
  • Flexible Wallets: A digital wallet, also known as an e-wallet, is an AI-based application that safely stores users’ payment information and credentials for numerous payment processing and websites. Digital wallet methods are in combination with mobile payment systems, which allow customers to make the payment via their smartphones. 
  • Legal & compliance:  ONPASSIVE AI-based tool helps a business to extract insight from the legal documents. This tool uses industry-leading artificial intelligence along with machine learning and natural language processing technology to extract information from the contract bringing never before seen accuracy and speed to contract analysis, due attention, and lease abstraction. 
  • IP tracker: ONPASSIVE IP tracking tool (IP tracker) is built to know the visitors of your website and their queries and work upon them. ONPASSIVEs IP tracker tool automatically recognizes your network’s IPv4 addresses and enables you to design IPv6 subnets and renders the recorded data for any IP address for a specific time.
  • AI GEO: ONPASSIVE AI GEO also can be termed as a new form of machine learning that on the basis of a geographic component. This tool is the junction of geospatial information, and artificial intelligence is the modern edge of a technological discovery that vows to transform whole business industries.
  • ONPASSIVE webinars: Host an online event with ONPASSIVE webinars and interactive video participants. Intuitive and straightforward host controls for the presenters and built-in interactive features for attendees to attend a webinar from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and conference rooms.
  • VPN:  ONPASSIVE VPN is the most advanced and the world’s most exceptional VPN. Enjoy the best in the world VPN technology to encrypt your online data to stay entirely secure and unknown on the Internet. Using the ONPASSIVE VPN tool will enable your business to be safe and easy to access from anywhere for the mobility of work with security.

These automated tasks save a lot of strength and time of businesses, empowering the employees to work in more effective and efficient ways. ONPASSIVE, a smart business solution platform, executes the work less troublesome for employees by updating their abilities.

ONPASSIVEs AI-powered tools and automated platform can help your business increase the use of resources, with noticeable effects on your conversion rate.