Part 5: Defining the New Age

There’s a research scientist at MIT named Andrew McAfee who co-authored a book called “The Second Machine Age.”  In it he says that the Industrial Revolution changed the way we used our bodies to do physical work.  Through that revolution we surpassed the limitations of our muscles by developing tools that allowed us to overcome the limitation of our physical bodies.

The current revolution is changing how we use our minds to do mental labour. Hence, interestingly enough, this new revolution has us developing tools that allow us to overcome the limitations of our minds. So now we have the ability to develop, leverage, and amplify the results the data we collect with the new tools of AI.

There have been three key ingredients that have led to the rapid advancement of AI:

1.      Stronger computational power;

2.      More sophisticated algorithms; and

3.      Higher availability of vast amounts of data.

ONPASSIVE has taken key actions through all three areas to create an enabling AI framework, while also investing in the accompanying skills and ensuring appropriate safeguards. 

Through the use of a set of new tools of artificial intelligence, ONPASSIVE has created a company that is completely legitimate, has the most ethical system of operation, and is globally available to the masses.  There is an understanding that if a business can’t do the math and provide a predictable model… it’s not a real business.

That is why ONPASSIVE has been created with an AI backbone; to make use of that vast data available to create well-being for its members.  That’s how our concepts and products were created based on marketing predictability before collecting a single red cent.

With AI coming squarely onto the technology stage, mega-volumes of data allow machines to quite literally learn so that, through the process, they literally become intelligent.  They end up at time having analytical capabilities that at times are superior to human ones.

This learning also enables machines to make intelligent inferences about the future and that’s what I mean when I talk about AI providing predictable outcomes.

And this is exactly what ONPASSIVE has done.  Fuelled by its own machine learning technology, created from scratch, its Smart Business Solution (SBS) can re-group existing markets under the ONPASSIVE umbrella by restructuring the whole process, duplicating it, and automating it through the use of proprietary technology. 

In this way, ONPASSIVE is front and centre on the global stage as a driving force in what has been termed the new paradigm in online marketing. ONPASSIVE is the first to present a new model to the online marketing world as a friendly, data-organizing, outcome predicting “beast” capable of interacting at the user level.  

After all, that’s what AI is all about; data.  It’s about compiling massive banks of data to sift, sort, and organize with phenomenal speed and accuracy through the use of algorithms which are tools akin to our own thought process. 

So, it would seem, the real consequence of AlphaGo’s victory is how the algorithms of AI secured our entrance into a new age that is already bringing immense prosperity.