onpassive & the ai game state

Part 6:  Success – Money isn’t Everything

But one thing’s for sure. Prosperity does not only come from separatist philosophies and competition.  By this I mean the old ways of doing things that are still adhered to as if we are not all connected and forced to be competitive are dying out. 

ONPASSIVE’s Smart Business Solution (SBS) can be a mechanism for generating prosperity and, in actuality, was created for that purpose.  The difference with ONPASSIVE, however, is found in its belief that connectedness and mutual benefit are the new order of the day. 

It can be read in ONPASSIVE’s vision statement, that the expected outcome is everyone succeeds no matter what their background or business and ONPASSIVE’s AI is doing a very good job of making that a reality.

Unfortunately, AI’s also doing a very good job challenging our democracy and compounding our inequalities to such a degree that, if things keep going the way they are, we could end up with twin, AI superpowers as China and the US duke-it-out for AI dominance. 

But it’s not just countries going toe-to-toe.  It’s also the cultures, states, eco-systems, and businesses large and small along with all their interactive and integrated components moving at individual paces to ensure we all benefit one degree or another. 

A good example of the results of a thriving AI ecosystem is the sale of the Israeli company, Mobileye, to Intel for $15 billion. That’s a lot of money. But money isn’t everything. This is to say ONPASSIVE’s purpose is not primarily about making money.

ONPASSIVE’s real purpose… the reason for its existence… is to create online success for everyone associated with it without the need for members of its teams to recruit; or do much of anything else actually although members can if they want to.

However, there is no need to find anyone to buy or sell to… ONPASSIVE does all that. And there are more products and services in its SBS than you’ve ever seen in one place at one time in your life. 

Let’s put it this way: Anything you have ever seen… any product, tool, or service needed to run an online business… ONPASSIVE has a new and superior version of its own in the SBS.

Not only can you get what you need to run your business, it can literally be automated for you! This means ONPASSIVE’s success… your success… is a foregone conclusion; it’s 100% guaranteed. 

It’s already done. You just have to join the rest of us in rolling out the new and wonderful AI-friendly future.