Part 9: ONPASSIVE’s AI Nanny

At ONPASSIVE, we have also designed and tested our own capability regarding the high security levels required in verifying the identity and other critical information of the user or customer. 

For instance, if a user makes a request to change their financial data or components of identification, etc., there are measures in place within the program as part of its pre-coded software that require certain actions be taken by the software to ensure not only the complete security of that information, but also the security of every component of action related to that information.

Without going too deep, these types of technologies have been developed for verifying identities [via video signatures] and other critical components of the user’s information.

For instance, when someone logs onto the system, a type of AI enhanced coding will kick in using these various mechanisms and information to verify user identity and many other things concerning the log in, as well as the actual activity of the person that is logging in.

This is to say there are routines that are run strictly via the software programming without any human involvement.  Well, other than the person logging in of course; it’s just the user and AI.

In this fashion, steps are immediately taken [at the point of log-in] and taken every step of the way, to secure the information and to verify the user; who they are and what they are doing.

Again, this is to say the machine “intelligence” recognizes the activities that are being performed by the user.  It knows exactly where that person is in the program, exactly what that person is doing, and it even understands precisely where the user is in the process, whatever process that might be or who that person is.

The AI portion of the system software will interact one-on-one with the user very specifically and even talk to the user almost as if it’s a human. The interaction would almost be as if someone with a view of who you are, where you are, and what you are doing with the clarity of standing right behind you watching your every move. 

And once you’ve been on the system for a little bit, you are going to get an understanding of its reliability. You will sense it as trustworthy and accurate.  You will come to the understanding that this is a different experience from anything you’re used to.

Through this you may also think that doing the right thing is probably a good thing to do because of the level of interaction the system has with you. Yep, the system will track the behaviour of the user to a near-finite degree. 

I would recommend not trying to do anything you don’t want to have to explain to someone after the fact. It will read who you are, where you are, what your language is… take a DNA sample- nope, not that…lol JK. 

However, it will record just about every keystroke you’ve’ applied and know a whole lot more what you are doing than you think.

You’ve probably heard about three dozen or so of ONPASSIVE’s products, but there are a lot more tools and services that will be available than what you’ve heard about to date. And there are many more functionalities built into the platform that ONPASSIVE has never mentioned, much less talked about.   

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Furthermore, ONPASSIVE doesn’t scrimp on things and you can bet the AI techs. They have developing our technologies and strategies that will be the seasoned veterans of the AI space.  Many of development activities they work on will continue long after we launch and well into the future; many will be perpetual. 

They’ll have to be simple because, going into the future, AI will become more involved and ONPASSVE will get larger; much larger, and we’ll have a lot more fun and need more people to share it all with. 

All of these things… expansion, growth, depth, width… these have all been taken into consideration and their flexibilities are woven into very durable fabric that wraps ONPASSIVE. Its growth and expansion have been anticipated and are part of the framework. 

There are departments active within ONPASSIVE that no one’s really ever talked about except for the small hints Mr Mufareh provides from time to time. But there are also parts of ONPASSIVE that have not been disclosed at any level and additional, time-released activities planned that will set your mind at ease and in awe simultaneously.

ONPASSIVE has layer upon layer of nice little surprises that will counteract known milestones that occur in the lives of every businesses. These things [and more] are all part of ONPASSIVE’s strategically deliberate positioning in the global economy… The positioning to ensure security, growth and market dominance for a long time to come.