Hello again….  I know those of you that have read some of my previous blogs, etc., know that I am forever extolling the virtues of ONPASSIVE and GoFounders.  I am certainly “in it to win it” and whole-heartedly believe that ONPASSIVE is the first, best, and biggest way to achieve what I have set for my personal and professional goals.  My hope is that as you read this you will realize, that ONPASSIVE is the world-changing dynamic of online marketing and, until we really sink-up-to-our-minds in it, we won’t get just how big-huge and far-reaching it is. Yes, it is a phenomenal company with extraordinary leadership.  But more than that, it’s developing a consciousness of its own, which started back in August 2018, that has not only become a part of an on-going global consciousness shift, but ONPASSIVE is the original online marketing supporter of that shift.  As such we are the leading catalyst for its change supporter of the new paradigm.  So, take heed and take heart… you will not likely see anything of this magnitude for the next twenty years. (I now step off the soap-box.)

The conscious business movement in the US emerged from the theory of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which pushes for a “values-based” approach where values represent social and environmental concerns both locally and globally.   CSR is a type of international, private business self-regulation with the goal of contributing to societal goals or by engaging in ethically-oriented practices.  Sound familiar?  Over the last couple years ONPASSIVE has been incorporating this as it matures.

In the past we could think of CSR as an internal policy of a business or a corporate strategy concerning ethics.  Since the creation of new and varying international laws, organizations can now use their authority to push it beyond individual or even industry-wide initiatives. Historically CSR has been considered to be a form of corporate self-regulation.  Over the last several years or so it has moved significantly from voluntary decisions at the level of individual organizations, to mandatory arrangements at regional, national and even international levels.  Such is the case with ONPASSIVE as it transparently demonstrates self-regulation towards astronomical standards.

Anita Roddick may have pioneered the conscious business movement with a company she developed in 1976, The Body Shop that has been an environmental leader for various causes like ending cruelty to animals and defending human rights. However, today conscious businesses can be found emerging in almost every facet of the business world.  Whole Foods cofounder, John Mackey, is another pioneer in the movement along with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Large corporations and even smaller, boutique agencies and individuals embrace the movement despite intense pressure to earn money. These companies see business based on ethics and social responsibility rather than personal gain.  Because conscious business is about people being aware of the impact our habits and actions have on the environment (people and planet), it has seen a wave of millennials embracing its viewpoints.  Conscious Business is about people who live their lives based on knowing that everything is interconnected. It is about people, who know who they are; who know about their strengths and weaknesses and who want to live and work with joy, creativity and ease… instead of fear, power and domination.  ONPASSIVE has built this modelling right into its foundation through embracing a non-competitive stance that fosters mutual benefit on a global scale. ONPASSIVE is the new model for the new age.

In his book, Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values, Fred Kofman says, that consciousness is the main source of organizational greatness. According to the author, conscious business is the means for finding our passion and expressing our essential values through work. Through it we seek to promote the intelligent pursuit of happiness in all that are involved and produce sustainable, exceptional performance through the commonality of its community and the self-respect of each member.

So, there is an alternative way of thinking about conscious business, which emerged from the UK, that tries to avoid regarding it less as a thing or a type of business which can be categorized, and more as an on-going process including awareness, self-awareness, awareness of purpose, practice, and relationships. (The ten-cent word for this is reification.) Think of all the processes that culminate in our matrix. As such, we can think of it less as a thing or a type of business which can be categorized, and more as an on-going process. ONPASSIVE is none-the-less, an Information Technology (IT) Company. In the book, The business model of “conscious companies” De Nardi Gianluca illustrates how every company could adopt conscious business processes.

There are some established Criteria for the conscious business model; first off, Doing No Harm.  This generally means the products and services of a conscious business should not be fundamentally harmful to humans or the environment.  But is also includes taking conscious steps to be more aware of its social and environmental effects, and to adopt more beneficial social or environmental practices.  Another thing such companies do is seen what is called our Triple Bottom Line.  Simply put, this means our goals are aligned with providing positive value in three specific areas: people, planet, and profit.

Accordingly, conscious businesses seek to benefit both the external livelihood as well as the internal lives of its shareholders and employees through morally and ethically-obtained profits, which ONPASSIVE does in “spades.”  Another of its goals is to benefit all stakeholders, affected communities, and humanity at large.  ONPASSIVE does this through a fundamental structure that benefits a global community by providing affordable, top-self resources to customers and lucrative and life-long income to its partners. As a result, ONPASSIVE positively impacts global economies from a regional and local level while promoting its philosophies of consciousness awareness for the good of all. 

Furthermore, this type of business tries to minimize its impact on the environment, and replenish the environment where it is able. Conscious businesses may choose to share their benefits in many different ways.  One path ONPASSIVE uses to do this is through a program available to Founders through the Back-Office of the GoFounders Site.  Through this resource, the “Give Back” Fund, Founders can donate a portion of their personal profits to charities or causes worldwide.  ONPASSIVE also demonstrates it’s “above and beyond” corporate mentality by ensuring only the best in all it does.  This includes things like [original] start-of-the-art products, incorporating leading-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), a “done-for-you” platform that allows every customer to find success, a revolutionary compensation plan, Zero-Tolerance for intentional negativity; the absolute, highest compliance with standards and global regulation, palpable respect for our global community, ethics and integrity that are part of our fundamental philosophy, systems and their components that are designed to provide service and be serviceable long into the future,  and much, much more.

Being a conscious business carries the implication that a business will seek to be conscious of its impact on the world in various spheres, and continue this inquiry over time. It is concerned with both its impact on a human’s inner and outer world as well as animal and environmental well-being. Furthermore, a conscious business considers both short-term and long-term effects of its actions or inactions. A conscious business evolves as does the methods of its business while consciously choosing to benefit the world and function with awareness. Therefore, though conscious businesses will be socially responsible, the term “conscious business” holds a much larger meaning for the actions of business’s than it does for their social responsibility.  ONPASSIVE adheres to that larger meaning and, as a result, is changing the online marketing world.  Additionally, there’s a huge trend towards more sustainable business practices. Environmental sustainability, however, has little to do with conscious business. Organizations can be highly sustainable but still run in an unconscious way. A conscious business, however, will not maintain unsustainable business practices.  One of the ways ONPASSIVE has taken that concept very seriously is through building sustainability components directly into its structure through interchangeable and upgradable technologies that exhibit plug-and-play characteristics.  Because of ONPASSIVE demonstrates such forward-thinking, it can be counted on to remain real, revolutionizing, and relevant for many years to come.