AI Applications

For some time now, we have all thought Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) to be synonymous. We have heard and read about the greatest experiment of recent days, Alpha Go, which coincidentally is considered to be a product of deep learning.  

Deep learning and Machine learning have tremendous potential since it can achieve superb results adopting a small set of techniques. Deep learning is simple and results can be achieved without being an expert in AI. This is the reason why it is relatively easy to ‘democratize’ deep learning.

The online world is observing a 154% growth in AI demand. It is estimated that AI-driven software industry revenue would jump from $ 6.36 billion in 2019 to $119 billion by 2025. Artificial intelligence is a commixture of all the things that we have mentioned above in the blog.

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AI-powered ONPASSIVE smart business solution tools strive to benefit small businesses and individuals by giving them the potential to simplify their work drastically. The tools used in the ONPASSIVE ecosystem not only integrate AI in its set up but also utilizes Deep Learning and Machine learning to the hilt.

ONPASSIVE, as an AL-powered tool provider, can be used in automating business activities for higher productivity and greater efficiency. These tools cover business activities, such as promotions, inventories, advertisements, CRM, and traffic generation. The members of the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem would have access to unlimited tools required for automating day-to-day business activities.


Adept in creating opportunities to redefine reality, ONPASSIVE is keen on understanding current market scenarios and combines AI and marketing to make a difference in the field of digital marketing. In the quest for efficiency and increased productivity, the Onpassive ecosystem has devised a plethora o AI-driven tools that it intends to launch in the market in the future. We list some of the tools that it would feature in its product portfolio.

  1. ONPASSIVE’s Plug-n-play tools, powered with Artificial Intelligence, are designed to automate the end-to-end marketing process. These tools help to achieve at most productivity by removing human efforts for each marketing activity and set your business to the auto-pilot mode. You do not have to hire manpower to complete your marketing tasks.
  2. Active product promotions to generate guaranteed free traffic to your sites.
  3. ONPASSIVE transforms your offline business into complete online phenomena.
  4. ONPASSIVE offers digital marketing tools and services, such as – Domain name registration, Web hosting, Video email, VPN, Email marketing, IP tracker, Targeted and Mass marketing campaigns, Website Builder, Video marketing, etc.
  5. ONPASSIVE’s first and very innovative in-house designed URL shortener, TRIMURL shortens lengthy URLs into short customized sharable links.
  6. The company’s remarkable 3X10 forced matrix compensation plan allows its members to earn commissions on every new member enrolment. If it doesn’t excite you, then we are sure this will – ONPASSIVE has added an awesome feature “Spill-Over” to its compensation plan that allows you to earn for a member enrolled by someone else.
  7. Its members require GoFounders, which plays the role of a peer-to-peer networking platform that allows an important role to build a strong and self-motivated team.
  8. ONPASSIVE’s members get to deliver more relevant and schedule personalized communications through SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Email, Push Notifications, etc. And all these personalized communications have customization options to save templates and use as many times as one wants.

In total, ONPASSIVE takes care of your business and your personal needs through its smart and advanced automation tools, and also by providing financial stability through its compensation plan. ONPASSIVE has been building tools for AI applications of tomorrow.

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