Business Strategy for Pandemic Recovery with ONPASSIVE

The COVID-19 crisis has caused excessive revenue changes on businesses across different sectors of the economy. To stay ahead and ensure business continuity in the post-COVID-19 era, marketers are in need to do continuous experimentation with new marketing strategies. While many marketers have already leveraged innovative marketing strategies to combat the COVID-19 challenges, some wonder how to bounce back and return stronger.

This is where the power of leveraging business automation solutions comes into play. With business automation solutions, businesses can refigure their operating models for a new reality. Besides, automation tools enable marketers to streamline marketing activities and make strategic business decisions.

The Funnel is the Key

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed customer buying behavior and spending patterns, marketers must adopt a more purpose-driven business strategy and human-centric approach post the COVID-19 era. Adopt tools that will help you throughout the three stages, including awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Awareness – This stage involves building meaningful relationships with customers by creating brand awareness. A reliable business strategy must be devised to stay connected with your customers in this initial stage.

Consideration – This stage involves prioritizing customers based on their interest in the brand. This also includes employing strategies to generate interest. ONPASSIVE’s business automation tools can help you in personalizing approach for your target audiences.

Conversion – To drive maximum conversion, you’ll need to personalize strategies for different customer segments. Your marketing strategies must be conversion-focused. ONPASSIVE can help marketers to personalize ads and conduct conversion-focused marketing campaigns.

Follow a Methodology

During these challenging times, all marketing strategies do not work equally for all businesses. So, marketers must experiment with new processes and strategies continuously. Initially, this involves identifying customers’ needs and requirements. ONPASSIVE’s solutions can help marketers keep pace with changing needs and demands of their customers and revamp strategies for business growth.

#1: Strategize content management

As content plays a significant role in marketing, strategizing content becomes imperative for organizations to achieve business growth. The artificial intelligence advancements have opened up new opportunities for content marketers. AI-powered content management systems with marketing automation features enable marketers to create and modify digital content. AI can also help in areas, including content translation, audio transcription, metadata creation, and much more.

#2: Optimize search engine

Search engine optimization helps marketers to reach out to the right set of customers. Search engine optimization also enables users to rank their website on the first page of the Google Search Engine. Nowadays, various marketing automation tools can help marketers optimize the search engine and rank their content on the Google Search engine.

#3: Adopt email marketing

During these challenging times, brands must focus on retaining valuable customers rather than acquiring new customers. Email marketing is an effective business strategy that helps marketers to stay connected to their audiences. At these times, try to avoid sending bulk emails to customers and focus on personalized emails. ONPASSIVE’s mass bulk emailing tool can help marketers to send multiple email communication to their customers simultaneously.

#4: Integrate customer relationship management platform

Today, customer satisfaction and experience are imperative to achieve business growth. Customer relationship management tools allow marketers to gather comprehensive insights into their customers and personalize interaction across multiple touchpoints. ONPASSIVE’s marketing automation solution makes this process easier for you.

Choose the Best Tools

Although there are multiple business automation tools and applications, choose the best tools for your organization. While selecting the tool, take into account the challenges of your organization. Secondly, prioritize the areas that need automation. Finally, choose the best tools by taking into account your budget constraints. During these unprecedented times, the significant tools that can help you achieve business growth include:

Digital Marketing toolsAI-powered digital marketing tools can help marketers run targeted advertisements and enhance brand awareness, resulting in increased customer experience and satisfaction.

Video conference tool – Video conference tool is not an option today but a necessity. Today, most people are working for home. So, the video conference tool can help businesses to stay connected to their team members.

Website builder tool – The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated all businesses to have a digital presence. This demands a website. This tool enables users to build websites without having any technical knowledge.

Think Smart and Maximize Your Marketing ROI

The ultimate objective of leveraging different automation tools and solutions is to maximize marketing ROI. To stay relevant in the post-COVID-19 era, don’t stick with traditional strategies. Consider revamping your current approach to adapt to the changing market. Also, consider investing in ONPASSIVE tools and applications.