ONPASSIVE Business Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) resources are lauded as essential business tools to compete in today’s market and many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. AI practice grew almost 270% over the last four years, tripling in the previous year alone. One possible reason? Current data describe the benefits and real value of these tools. Amongst early AI adopters, 83% gained moderate or substantial economic benefits.

Here are a few business tools offered by ONPASSIVE so that the entrepreneurs can utilize AI and machine learning (ML) to profit from their already established businesses or start-ups. 

Lead generation and sales

AI-powered lead intelligence software practices can deliver meaningful value for any size business. As reported, businesses applying AI for sales increased their lead by more than 50%, lessened call time by over 60%, and accomplished cost deductions between 40% to 60%. ONPASSIVE’s AI-driven lead generation tool can help you achieve your above-mentioned business goals.

Data collection and analysis

Innovations in AI data compilation and analysis can provide smaller businesses with crucial decision-making knowledge, similar to their bigger counterparts. These practices utilize internal data as well as assemble it from various sources to present an entire picture of the business and marketplace possibilities. ONPASSIVE’S data analytics tool provides a user-structured dashboard that allows visible representations and actionable reports depending on data, and all this information is sortable by geographic location, product line, date, and more. 

Human resources

Human resources (HR) actions can be modified through AI. Today, HR performs a complex collection of services, including engagement, recruitment, continuing education, and benefits management. Balancing these activities can be challenging, but ONPASSIVE AI tools can assist to streamline many of these functions, and it can satisfy a variety of business requirements at an affordable price. For instance, ONPASSIVE recruitment tool is a viable choice for hiring hourly workers, or to find someone with particular skills and talents. Beyond hiring, AI tools can serve to simplify and maintain day-to-day HR responsibilities. It streamlines and automates several HR functions such as payroll, benefits, and presents ongoing data to help manage things running smoothly.

Competitor analysis

While operating a business, it can be difficult to maintain track of your own activities, so paying close attention to the competitors can appear like an unachievable task. Utilizing AI, companies will be able to track competitors across all digital channels, including social media, to obtain various types of information that users can then implement to their own company’s pricing, marketing communication, and much more. Additionally, methods like this can recognize and analyze market trends to produce actionable intelligence for strategic outlining and marketing.  

Customized options

Usually, an off-the-shelf AI product doesn’t provide the features you require or come at a price that suits your budget. Creating your own AI can be costly, and the increasing shortage of AI talent makes this option out of range for most businesses. However, there is ONPASSIVE open-source tool available for your extensive use. This tool can be used just by anyone with general computer skills.

We currently exist in an astonishing era of innovation. Every day, we find fresh and exciting tools intended to improve the way we communicate with the world and make our lives easier with smarter business tools. Now it’s on you how you utilize these AI tools offered by ONPASSIVE, but one thing is for sure that ONPASSIVE is always there to help you at every step of your business journey.