ONPASSIVE Business Tools

We exist in an era of disruption. Industries are transforming every day. Small businesses are gradually establishing their brand and capturing market share. The word monopoly in business is slowly fading, and anyone with innovative products and the right strategies can now enjoy a more significant revenue share.

While Artificial Intelligence technology is the unclear buzzword for many, there is no doubt that modern Machine learning and AI are heavily dependent on massive amounts of data. Experts have made numerous predictions about the future of data analytics and how they will shape the future of AI and machine learning.

ONPASSIVE features embraced AI technology and designed some of the best business tools that all businesses must use to compete with the best in their industry.

Here are 4 ways how these tools can change how you do business.

Virtual Assistance

Several businesses are either planning or using artificial intelligence for virtual assistance. Companies are currently deploying chatbots for numerous uses. The most significant goal is customer service. Not all are convinced with the idea of customers speaking with a robot as it may stop working at some point or the other, but there is still potential in machine-driven support with human-driven customer service.

For example, in case of a hotel booking query, these tools can be used to respond to simple questions such as booking confirmation, booking status, and check-in and check-out time, cancel request, etc. Human agents can now focus on more complicated issues (like resolving customer complaints). ONPASSIVE chatbots are being utilized efficiently by marketers to interact with their potential customers in a very interactive way.

Virtual assistance and chatbots can play a pivotal role in how consumers are interacting with technology. We strongly believe that virtual assistants will become a nucleus of our lives in the next decade, and more and more businesses are going to utilize this to take their customer service to the next level.

Market & Customer Insights

These business tools can play a significant role when it comes to analyzing your customers and your market. Predictive analysis will be implemented to gather data from the web matrix, system matrix, and social media channels to build a more reliable and enhanced product. Through customer insights, you can take customer experience to the next level.

Start-ups can explore possibilities to operate on a different thought process and innovative, unique solutions for their business growth. Predictive maintenance supports start-ups to reduce costs on maintenance through daily quality checks.

Most of your customers are on social media, and all of the business is being conducted online. AI tools can be utilized to learn essential measures of social networks digitally. Data mining methods are being employed to analyze various types of social media traffic. Most potent influencers can be recognized, and also social marketing strategies can be classified.

What makes these tools so powerful is that, unlike solely statistical methods, they can learn. That enables them to adjust when the market behavior shifts alongside continuously enhance performance as more data inflows into the system.

Personalized Customer Experience

ONPASSIVE tools enable business owners to present a more personalized and customized experience to their customers. AI can analyze extensive data more effectively. It can instantly recognize patterns in the data like past buying preferences, buying history, credit scores, and different common threads. Millions of activities can be analyzed each day to provide personalized services to every customer.

With actionable sales intelligence, entrepreneurs can analyze a specific buyer during pre-purchase, while-purchasing & post-purchase behavior. This enables them to develop a more personalized experience and build a customer engagement pattern at every communication. Predictive intelligence will help businesses engage their consumers in an effective and impactful way. The sales cycle can be personalized using an AI-powered application that can help your business engage with the best customers with the right content at the right time.

These tools can support enterprises to recognize who is most suitable to buy their product or service. When they interact with a prospect, they will know the history of that specific buyer, making the complete sales process smooth.

Process Automation

The last few decades showed one thing, which is continuously rising in technology, is automation. The automation tools are innovated and are being developed, which make business processes flexible.

Business leaders predict that, with the extraordinary surge of AI, a new age of automation is beginning. The ONPASSIVE tools will quickly automate everyday repetitive processes. Smart algorithms play a crucial role in various industries, like hospitality, financial firms, retail, etc. This algorithm or automation tool not only does a very proficient task but can also work for 24 hours non-stop.

“Revolutionary advances are proposed in the ONPASSIVE Platform, the bunch of AI business tools powered by Artificial Intelligence is entitled to assist the businesses in several ways”


AI technology, mixed with ONPASSIVE features, has the expertise to support you in identifying & satisfying all your technological requirements. Our AI and data analytics tools are well versed with the business owner’s challenges are focused on resolving them.