In the present customer-driven world, providing a high level of customer service for enhancement of customer experience has become a must.

In this day and age, customers expect a quick response to their queries or issues. And the solution for this is AI-driven chatbots that provide support to your customers. AI-chatbots are capable of working 24/7, resolving customers’ questions without involving any humans, and supports multiple customers at the same time.

Talking of artificial intelligence, the ONPASSIVE platform- a solution to all your business problems, is around the corner waiting for launch. This platform has leveraged AI, ML, deep learning, and NLP to develop chatbots and some of the fantastic tools for any business that will help a business person in the growth of their business.

Let’s have a close look at how these ONPASSIVE AI chatbots will help business enhance their customer service.

ONPASSIVE: The Best Productivity Tools For Your Business!

What is customer service chatbots, and why does any business need one?

A customer service chatbot is a virtual customer service agent that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to resolve basic queries of your customer via CRM.

AI-chatbots utilize the existing customer’s data from all possible resources and uses them to resolve your customer’s issues. They can recognize and answer a query in several forms as well as trained to answer the question quickly using the preferred language.

With the help of an ONPASSIVE AI bot, your business can move a step further from all other chatbots as it proactively starts to provide suggestions with multiple options even before your customer finishes typing.

That relates to faster and consistent support for your customers and their queries, which otherwise require human presence transferring those calls to the customer agent.

Features of ONPASSIVE AI chatbots that will work as an add-on for your business:

  • Multi-language support for global audiences.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Reduce customer service expenditure.

Advantage of customer service chatbots:

Employing ONPASSIVE AI-powered chatbots will present your support team as more efficient, potent, and productive.

1. Instant Resolution: 

As these chatbots feed on customer data, they are aware of the problems faced by the customer and are also in the position to provide the best resolution. ONPASSIVE’s chatbot doesn’t suggest just the queries but also provides a quick resolution to those queries.

2. 24/7 Support:

ONPASSIVE’s chatbot supports customers 24/7. That will help your business support to be available for the customer anytime. Doing this makes your customers feel special, which in turn increases the customer lifecycle experience.

3. Chatbot Continues to Learn: 

ONPASSIVE chatbot doesn’t just utilize AI to resolve the customer issues but also to learn and improve automatically to offer enhanced quality of support in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming how we live and work. It’s also revolutionizing how any business provides support to customers, whether they have easy problems or confused with their buying decisions, it has influenced the customer lifecycle drastically.

ONPASSIVE is a radical change to the business owners’ experience that is possible with the new wave of AI technology.