The simple and hard reality that majority of people faces online while looking forward to start a business and earn extra income is, at best, an exercise in frustration.

There are numerous opportunities being promoted online and offline day-in and day-out, 24/7. With claims that earning an income is easy and takes little to no effort. Anyone promoting riches overnight are just not being truthful. I trust the majority in the online space know the difference.

Did you know that approximately 97% of people in the online marketing space seldom ever experience any business success or for that matter the financial freedom they are seeking and need so much.

With rapid advancements in technology, innovation and artificial intelligence, a brand new, never-seen Internet platform with superb products and services has been developed.  

A platform offering every imaginable tool, product, and services etc. each developed from the ground up, available in one space and easily accessible to build your business effortlessly. If building and developing is not your thing, then automate the process as it is. It is that easy

Gone are the days of utilizing multiple products and services across multiple domains with multiple costs.

ONPASSIVE is changing lives today and will continue well into the future.

Do you need change?