jeanie marshall

“If you don’t believe the affirmation you say repeatedly, start it by saying ‘I am ready to …’ or, “I am willing to … ‘”   ~ Jeanie Marshall  

Creating affirmations has been a popular Personal Development technique for many years. Some of these created statements are empowering; some of them are not, even though they may use empowering words.

When constructing affirmations, it is really important to say words that you believe; otherwise, you send conflicting thoughts to the world.  The feelings associated with your statements are bundled together with the words.

Instead of saying “I am rich” if you feel poor…

You might say
“I am ready to be rich” or
“I am ready to feel rich” or
“I am willing to be rich.”

Statements such as the three above are more likely to be believable. When you place yourself in the consciousness of willingness or readiness for what you want, what you want finds you.

There are many ways to make an affirmation more believable. The key is to find a “bridge” that makes sense to you. When you no longer need the bridge, you will spontaneously drop it and become or live or feel your heart’s desire. 

Make this an Empowering Day!