What a fantastic post in the ‘Leadership council’ by our brother Bystrik Stefak of Slovakia. He has summed up all the nitty-gritty of how a Tech project of a gigantic proportion, unique in its nature needs Time, Money, and Effort and INTELLIGENCE that only A Super Human [ASH] can offer.

Those of us who have had no idea or a limited idea has a lot of anxiety on the launch of ONPASSIVE including myself. Especially people who have no business background would expect a business to launch within weeks of announcement.

I heartily congratulate brother Bystrik Stefak who has done the job in one post that could not be done in ten webinars. Like they say We Are All In It To Win It.

Furthermore and very important in my opinion, is that the tech business houses like Google, Microsoft, etc. do not offer any opportunity to the general public to earn money in their project. Ash could have easily done what Google etc. have done, but he did not.

He decided to involve us in the creation of this platform. All we do is watch it being built for us and millions who will follow. He will definitely be remembered in the pages of human history for what he has created.