I will be IN IT TO WIN IT 100%


Alert… Alert… Warning…To All GoFounders….!!

There is a new Drug that will soon hit the internet and your shelves… Experts are already saying the Drug is very addictive… Tests also show that once you take even the smallest dosage, you can never get off the Drug.

The Drug was designed in the USA and now being manufactured in a reputable laboratory in India. Coincidentally, the Drug was invented and pioneered by an MIT/Harvard graduate.

If you are Allergic to Success and Happiness, stay away from this Drug by all means. If you have any doubts, wait and try it for yourself. 

The Drug is currently being promoted by an internet radio network call GoFounders247.

The Drug will hit the market under the brand name ONPASSIVE… Be on the lookout…

I will take my chances to try a full dose of the Drug for myself…..

Take me into any court… I will be IN IT TO WIN IT 100% 

Sunny Malex Achulifur

onpassive founder
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  • Paul Galloway Paul Galloway

    Well said, Sunny! 100% IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

    8 months ago | 25 February, 2020 1:12 am Reply
  • Eva Farbas Eva Farbas

    GREAT POST Sunny WOW. You just said it all. Our Founders are all addicted to the New Age Drug powered by AI and our GREAT CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh.

    8 months ago | 24 February, 2020 9:43 am Reply

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