I feel honored to be part of this magnificent worldwide family of ONPASSIVE

family of ONPASSIVE

The feeling is if I am in a dream, this extraordinary business platform, I have here is (words are IMPOSSIBLE). I thank the Creator for my sponsor (Mr Darius Edwards) for introducing me to ONPASSIVE. It was via email, and I was dumbfounded,…right there and then that very instant, is was all in, the information presented to me & videos…the best of everything to the Entire ONPASSIVE Community–: the C.E.O (Mr. Ash) Mike (man I love your enthusiasm) Marty, Victoria, Scott (I am sadden) Cyndee, Jeffery, Vernon, Paul, All the staff of ONPASSIVE that is working their bones of, every department, and ALL GOFOUNDERS WORLDWIDE.

Thyron Conrad

onpassive founder

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