We are creating HISTORY

creating HISTORY

Wow… It’s great to see such numbers before launch…

One can see the VISION clearly by seeing 60,000+ founders…

Congrats to all action takers…

All founders lives going to change soon…

We are creating HISTORY…

Feeling Pumped Up

Mohit Rastogi

onpassive founder
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  • Avatar Michael Waterbury

    The Innovation of Mr Ash’s brainchild is only topped by the Integrity through which Mr. Ash’s creation was dreamed, created, and managed. Much Respect to Ash Mufareh! Not only for this Wonder we behold, but for his Integrity throughout the process.

    8 months ago | 3 March, 2020 2:07 pm Reply
  • Angela Nycz Angela Nycz

    Yes Mohit, we’re all feeling pumped up, who wouldn’t. The excitement is in the ONPASSIVE air, we’re growing by leaps and bounds! Soon all our lives will be transformed. Soooo truly amazing how far we come from the genius mind of Mr. Ash Mufareh! ?

    8 months ago | 1 March, 2020 12:10 am Reply

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