ONPASSIVE website builder

If you take a glance at some of the best websites, you’d be excused to believe that it’s simple to create something just like that in a few days. The real truth is that these websites are developed like Swiss watches – precision is crucial, and every small piece works a key role to manage the whole thing running smoothly.

Building a website can be complicated, demanding, and, most importantly, intimidating.

If you desire to build your own website, but you don’t have any knowledge of web development or coding, we recommend you use a website builder.

These platforms are a gateway for any would-be website owner – like you. The industry is vibrant as it expands and evolves almost every day.

The ONPASSIVE website builder is one of the best website builders that have upped the ante by implementing new features, enhancing website security, and making the building process more automatic. Simply follow these market trends to have the best building experience, and you’ll have a website in no time.

1. Minimal mobile layout

More and more people are inclined towards browsing the internet on their smartphones every day than a desktop. Mobile optimization of websites was a trend way back in 2016, now things are a bit distinctive.

The latest building trend is that mobile layouts should be as minimum as possible. Mobile screens are small, and users want more limited content to make for smooth browsing. Minimum pages make for a much more satisfying browsing experience.

2. Dark mode optimization

Operating systems and apps allow users to instantly turn their interfaces dark. This indicates that everything that was previously light or white becomes black. While the letters stand out in white. Not only it looks super sleek, but it also saves battery life.

The ONPASSIVE website builder has the feature that enables you to set up your website for dark mode viewing. Take your time to optimize for dark mode with ONPASSIVE. Remember, if you miss something, your content may not be appropriately displayed, leading the visitors to leave your website.

3. Motion user interface

It’s hard to get and keep, the attention of the average website visitor.

One method to hold them to your page is by having a motion user interface (UI). Motion UI are page elements that are animated. The ONPASSIVE website builder is bringing in advancements in website building technology, so that motion UI doesn’t use much of the website speed.

4. Easier support integration

The goal of ONPASSIVE website builder is to help its client develop a dream website. In turn, the website owner’s intention is to make sure that their users have a smooth user experience. Automated chat support systems respond to user queries and orders promptly. Your visitors can get a response in real-time – a higher chance of them staying on your website.

5. Space for videos

People want to watch videos nowadays. ONPASSIVE website builder platform makes sure to accommodate videos, from making them fit the interface perfectly, to guaranteeing that they load properly.

If you are looking for the best, ONPASSIVE website builder, your answer. Always remember that building a website isn’t just about the looks it’s much more than that and ONPASSIVE AI tools is here to help.