Today, we depend on our daily services to be achieved digitally and require the experience to be prompt. For customer-focused applications to respond to its users, you require a high-performance database proficient at handling a diversity of application scenarios at the least possible cost and complexity, with uncompromising execution.

ONPASSIVE ecosystem helps you to influence a variety of application use cases like recommendation engines, high-speed transactions, data ingest, caching, session management, real-time analytics, and much more. Nevertheless, it’s essential to add these abilities without interrupting the responsiveness and performance of the application.ONPASSIVE unites all the capabilities of the open-source platform with enterprise-crucial features trusted by enterprises across the globe for flexibility, greater performance, scalability, and built-in high security.

ONPASSIVE ecosystem is here to provide you a robust database for application’s operational data with search, graph, native data structures, AI, streams, document, time-series, and probabilistic data structures.

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How ONPASSIVE boosts application development

When improving your application for mobile, e-commerce, social, fraud mitigation, personalization, IoT, or other use cases, you have a particular set of requirements to consider:

  • Minimizing downtime and data loss
  • Achieving high performance at scale
  • Structuring agility in development
  • Meeting the database needs of the diverse application (or microservices) for a bilingual environment
  • Supports multi-region, multi-cloud, on-premises, hybrid and Kubernetes deployments

ONPASSIVE can do all of this with a globally distributed multi-model database that is developed to scale across multiple geographical regions with powerful performance, consistency, and accurate availability, simplifying your application development and scale in cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

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Improve application performance

ONPASSIVE delivers high-quality performance, outperforming every database in the market, in high and low latency scenarios. ONPASSIVE with the open-source cluster API permits high-performance linear scaling with sub-millisecond latency while demanding the least amount of infrastructure supplies. ONPASSIVE ecosystem offers a durable database with various options for data persistence, delivering stability at in-memory speeds.

Reduce your operational risk

High availability with no data loss:

ONPASSIVE automatically safeguards applications deployed in the cloud, multi-region, or hybrid architectures. ONPASSIVE is built for secured cloud deployments for backup and recovery, data persistence and durability, and high availability. It helps teams provisioning, reduction of the operational burden, managing, configuring, and monitoring.

Seamless scaling:

ONPASSIVE supports scaling to any size of the data set. Simplified cluster management enables you to adjust your cluster on-demand with zero downtime. Scale-up, down or out with an easy-to-use API. ONPASSIVE ecosystem scales automatically dividing data across multiple servers and secure cloud deployments across multi-region.

Security and compliance:

ONPASSIVE provides role-based authorization, multi-level authentication, and built-in encryption for data to be secure. Data and administrative access paths are distributed into two independent channels. This means when it comes to authentication and authorization, there are separate paths. A detailed set of alerts, logs, and tracing exercises help track events in real-time and control historical trends.

Geo-distributed applications powered by AI technology

ONPASSIVE ecosystem can be launched across various regions worldwide with multiple methods of high availability and geographical distribution, including active-passive, active-active, and active-read replica.

Thanks to the ONPASSIVE ecosystem that is here to enable your business to be flexible, scalable, secure, and perform better overall.

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