ONPASSIVE Gives Second Chance to Live Life to the Fullest

ONPASSIVE Gives Second Chance to Live Life

Who says it is an easy ride? Who says it is going to be a breeze? Who says that it is going to be hassle-free? Who says it is not going to be a challenge?

As humans, we are vulnerable to all kinds of situations, may it be good or bad, may it be right or wrong. It takes one’s personal experience, character, and a whole lot of attitude to mold out the good vibes and identifies the best possible outcome for oneself. How then if you translate that to your fellow humankind? I am sure this will change the face of the entire human race on earth. That is why I believe the GF/OP created. It gives the human race a second chance to live life to the fullest.

Getting close now: IN IT TO WIN IT!

Eddie Betu

Onpassive Founder

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