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It is a given that startup founders know marketing matters. It is because they know that there are investments to be won for the product they build. Most of the startup founders have resorted to outsourcing marketing as a way of maximizing the success of their venture.

However, the marketing landscape is complex and beyond the founders’ realm. Each day there is a new marketing strategy that crops up, and founders with technical and sales backgrounds don’t have the time to study the existing and upcoming niches of marketing. It is this that has made many startups to outsource marketing.

With ONPASSIVE’s smart business solution tools, business owners and startup founders would not have to outsource their marketing tasks as ONPASSIVE products are capable enough to handle this efficiently and effectively.

Outsourcing marketing seems like an enticing proposition if startups do not have an expert on their founding team. There are specific rules of engagement, the founder of a startup or a business owner needs to keep in mind before venturing into marketing their products or wares.

Strategy is Crucial:

Every marketer loves to specialize. It is always recommended to have a solid plan or strategy in place before you dive deep into the marketing realm of SEO, email marketing, paid search, or any marketing tactic. The market revolves around opportunities, and the first and foremost task in hand is to try and identify them.

A strategy for a startup does not need outsourcing. Startups need to know who their customers are first and chart out a plan to reach them. Once this identification is complete, startups need to monitor their metrics and just plan accordingly.

Get hold of Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the driving force of the digital marketing world over for all sorts of businesses. Startups are not immune to this. Despite SEO sounding dull, it is one of the most complex areas of marketing. SEO is interdisciplinary and relies on a step-by-step process that progresses through website crawl accessibility, user experience (UX) optimization, content development, etc.

Startups generally cannot afford to have their web developer, UX designer, writer, and more inhouse. The hardest thing for any startup to delegate is content creation. Content planning and the ongoing editorial calendar is hard to outsource. Outsourced content creators often misunderstand what differentiates the startup from its competitors.

Employ Automation:

Any startup’s primary concern after the product it is working on is the leads. And this is where marketing automation comes handy. About 80 percent of startups and companies who have marketing automation software or tools have raked in quality leads. There are many types of marketing automation tools available in the market.

Startups need to harness several automation tools together to deliver a robust user experience. Right from simple autoresponders for mailing lists, to as complicated as predictive analytics, social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation and more can be done with marketing automation tools.

Influencer Relations:

Influencer marketing is another area that needs a special mention here. Startups strive to build a long-term relationship with customers, and it is always time-consuming to build trust with the consumers. So most of them lean towards influencers who could probably do the trust-building for them, but then, even influencers influence also could wane off or lose relevance in the long run.

The bottom line here is startups cannot risk skipping marketing, but they also cannot cover all the bases at once too. It might sound like a bitter pill to give up some control to compete in the market, but it is better than the alternative of letting a great product go unnoticed.

Another way to beat competitors and the outsourcing hassle is to onboard ONPASSIVE smart business solution tools. It features the right set of AI-based tools to negate the perils of outsourcing and take charge of marketing duties without any hitch.

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