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From socialism to capitalism

The government only has to create the conditions for business owners and investors to do business and give people jobs. With every movement of money, the government earns because it has VAT, with every movement of money, one has money because it circulates and creates value, but if that money is taxed more and more to go to the treasury where the hole is, and thanks to that hole the money is running out.

If you are a man of a family, a crisis comes, so what will you do?

Relying on the government to help you or take responsibility into your own hands and hold on to it?

Imagine you have a family of four that has 4 “hungry necks” that you have to feed.

You will have the huge opportunity to become a founder of a company that will be larger than any other company and a soon to be ‘Unicorn’. Do you have time to think about what if? What if it doesn’t work out?

Guys, this is a ridiculous $ 97, it’s a small amount of money that can totally solve you for life, and you like that will consult in the evening with a wife who is as poor as you? Seriously?

Or do you want to consult this business opportunity with people at work who are even poorer than you? Why are you doing this? Why do you deal with passive income with people who live in the mud, in the swamp, (I don’t want to use more peppery vulgar expressions, it doesn’t fit into the blog), and who live their whole lives in the left part of the cash-flow quadrant?

Don’t you know what a cash-flow quadrant is? So whoosh, whoosh, start on and find out! Write the name Robert Kiyosaki on Google. Ignorance doesn’t excuse, business is either or isn’t, the woman isn’t a little pregnant, and either is or isn’t. The guy isn’t a little faithful either, either he is or he’s not. You need to take it at 1000%, Get rid of expressions for once and for all like: probably, a little, maybe, and start respecting the ONPASSIVE business. Yes, it’s about respect.

Do you know what my definition of success is?

Success = Can afford 4 times a year to be 3 months in a row on vacation, during which you realize your dreams. And if for some reason / whatever, you can’t afford it, you’re not successful.

A guy wants to be a great guy, but he comes across the fact that conditions in certain countries are constantly changing and the rules of business will change overnight, and then at the same time you have to work with people who don’t understand capitalism at all.

So you always come up with one and the same solution. Namely, that the solution is ONPASSIVE. Whatever your point of view, you will find that the solution is ONPASSIVE. Do you understand?

Here is a look at the positive or the right side of the cash flow quadrant.

How do people look at capitalism?

People see capitalism as the most economical system where everyone can earn as much as they want.

How do people look at entrepreneurs?

The entrepreneur is the architect of the idea, of capitalism, the breadwinner, creates a competitive free market environment, offers labor, offers goods and services, and everything is subject to competition.

How do people look at money?

Money helps people

How do they look at permanent passive income?

Sustainable passive income is a goal that everyone should pursue, and in a free society, everyone has the right to achieve it and create it as big as they want.

How do people look at seminars, webinars, and positive thinking books?

The source of education written by people who are successful in capitalism passes on knowledge and experience to the next generation so that the next generation can be even better than us.

How do people look at the government?

As a partner. The government should work with entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs and the government should make capitalism work.