James Geddis

I read the GoFounders email. I’m sure most if not everyone got from Ken, I think & I could be wrong, but I think certain things will go faster than Ken & others are letting on.

Why do I say that? It’s simple… this as Mr. Jeffrey Morlock would say in his videos & messages ” Onpassive is bigger than we even know ” heck as Jeffrey has said many times before that we don’t even know what he knows.

I’m just going to say ONPASSIVE is probably even bigger than even Mr. Ash has ever thought possible.

I know all of our lives will change in a major way rather it takes a few months or even over a year, we as GoFounders are set for life as this is a done deal all thanks to Mr. Ash & his family, of course, the tech team & many others helping make things run as smoothly as possible.

I know, I think big & even dream big, but with ONPASSIVE, I know & realize both will come true for not just me but everyone here.

God bless everyone.

IN IT to Win IT!