ONPASSIVE is Gateway to New World

Greetings to All of You Wonderful GoFounders Family!

Wow, we are so close now to all that real residual income. In my imagination, I can feel the wealth of ONPASSIVE filling all of the rockets of desire I’ve been launching.

You know, a bank manager once told me, in response to a request for a loan to put new siding on my house, if you had the siding on it, I would gladly lend you the money. I thought to myself, is this guy 4 years old?

I have learned since then, whether the banker knew it or not, he was right. If you want something in your life, you must already possess it in your mind, in order to attract it into your experience. You cannot feel lonely and attract a lover. You cannot talk about how your health is failing and attract good health. OK, I’m going to say it straight out. You cannot think and say that nobody signs up under you in ONPASSIVE and attract signups.

The Universe listens to your thoughts and responds to your feelings. It’s like a radio signal that brings you more of what you are thinking and feeling.

So to get signups easier and leading towards ultimately as much easier life, there are three things you must instantly stop doing if you are doing them.

Being jealous of other people’s results and being jealous of other people’s success is one of the quickest ways to kill your own success.

Doubting yourself about what you are doing, if it’s going to work or not. And for goodness sake, if you’ve been trying, don’t look at your results and judge yourself by them. You decide how good you are at something. Your willingness to learn will make all the difference.

Stop saying I can’t. “Can’t is the only devil in the Universe,” Joseph Murphy. You were born without limited, and since then, the only limits you have acquired are the ones you maintain in your mind.

You are such an incredible person. Your mind is extremely powerful, and by the use of your imagination, you can accomplish anything you desire, especially after the launch of ONPASSIVE.

I am truly looking forward to new generations teaching kids in classes, the use of the imagination, and how the law of attraction responds to the vibes of our thoughts and how our emotional system is our indicator as to how we are doing.

What an amazing future there will be in generations to come filled with Love, freedom, peace, and prosperity.

ONPASSIVE is the gateway to that new world. It’s kind of like Terra Nova – Only so much better.

Finally, I want to say WELCOME to all the thousands of new members in our GoFounders family. Thanks to our leadership council and to Ash Mufareh, our beloved director, to his family and to his tech team as well.

It’s through all of us together that such a great movement as ONPASSIVE is possible. So let’s not be shy to each and do our parts too, at the very least, bring in all the people that are within our reach. Blessings to all of you! INIT TO WIN IT!