David Russell

I had a thought…

 ONPASSIVE is the perfect illustration of a thing called “Compassionate Capitalism.”

In general, compassionate capitalism refers to healthy business dealings that are good for the buyers and sellers, as well as the community and environment, with nobody getting ripped off.

 In the case of ONPASSIVE, we have a solid, ethical business, plus outstanding sales and profits, plus huge humanitarian consideration and business partnership, going far beyond the traditional corporate grants to charitable organizations.

Compassionate Capitalism has always existed on smaller scales, usually out of the view of the media and the public. But never like this. Never on the massive scale are we beginning to see from ONPASSIVE. This is opening up a whole new territory in the business world.

And what better time for ONPASSIVE to begin to emerge on the world scene than right now in 2020 as millions struggle to come back from lost jobs and shut-down businesses? ONPASSIVE has a hope-filled answer for both that can change everything.

What is ONPASSIVE? A massive new IT company, powered by brand-new Artificial Intelligence that is about to burst on the world scene like a giant whale leaping out of the ocean in full view of everyone, with a whole arsenal of new and better products and services that everyone will want to use.

How can they use business partnerships to go beyond the traditional charitable giving to feed the poor? ONPASSIVE has found a way to allow many hundreds of thousands of people, from just a tiny one-time fee, to take part in the company’s massive retail sales worldwide, creating a lifetime of automated, increasing income for themselves and their businesses.

This is the difference between giving a hungry person a fish or offering them a whole commercial fishing boat for life, complete with captain and crew. For a harvest of fish so great, they’ll have to give most of it away to others!

One more thought…

WHAT IF?? What if other large businesses, new AND old, got a hold of this concept of including people and helping them instead of just getting filthy wealthy OFF OF them? When they begin to see the huge success of ONPASSIVE, business minds are going to begin to see healthy capitalism in a whole new light. They CAN help humanity…even in the farthest corners of the earth.

 It’s time to help the world.

 ONPASSIVE is leading the way.