Good Morning to all you wonderful GoFounders of this awesome ONPASSIVE Community. I just love all the positive post I read here. It’s a great way to start your day off with wonderful people who care about others and want to share something positive that will help in their daily living and bring some normally to our world we are a part of today. Thank you… This is truly one part of my life I look forward to every morning that I look down at the grass with hope for the day to bless others in some way. ONPASSIVE is that platform.

God doesn’t promise skies always blue with flowered strewn pathways all our lives through. God has not promised sun without rain, Joy without sorrow, peace without pain.

But God has promised strength for the day, Rest for the labour and light for the way. Grace for the trials, and help from above, Unfailing sympathy and undying love.. So if God is for me who can stand against me? 

You know the older we get the more we care … or is it we don’t care? I think it depends on the persons’ conviction of where they stand with God in this world we live in. Some do and some don’t some will and some won’t. I’m blessed to live here in the USA and I know this because of my travels in this world and knowing how others freedoms are I have a better understanding of the grace that surrounds me. 

ONPASSIVE is reaching a worldwide audience to share the hope and love that there is in this world through its Founders and their belief of a life-changing opportunity that is made possible through the company of ONPASSIVE. It is increasingly obvious to buy the numbers of New Founder coming into this company every week, and very exciting.

One week ago Sunday 9 am 5 /10 / 2020 ONPASSIVE stood at 79,001 Founders.

Today Sunday 9am 5 / 17/ 2020 our Community of ONPASSIVE grew to 81,932 Founders.

That’s a total of 2,931 New Founders for this week. 

I want to welcome all New Founders to this Sky Rocketing Community and ask you to share your positive thoughts about your future with ONPASSIVE. 

Thanks to all who took the time to read this post. I care about you, our team of workers behind the scenes and our company leader Ash Mufareh for his heart to help others in this world we live in today. Blessings to all Sunday, May 17th.