All Issues Going to be solved by ONPASSIVE AI

The masterminds behind ONPASSIVE are God sent. The world will soon be a better place with the advent of ONPASSIVE. A positive reformation will take place. Soon, the existing economic, social, environmental, and other world issues will be better addressed using ONPASSIVE Artificial Intelligence Information Technology. The old-style no longer works in this advance digital era, and pandemic forces change.

ONPASSIVE will provide the world with the most affordable platform tools that will improve and empower the way we work, learn, play, and interact with one another. Most of your digital experience will be facilitated. As for the monetary compensation, it is mind-blowing if we decide to join ONPASSIVE as business partners. Despite being profit-driven, ONPASSIVE main vision is to serve humanity through the collective or individual effort of all members involved in this significant project and be a living example of a positive human being. Lastly, we should all be grateful to be a part of this great movement and be grateful to our Creator. Let’s keep on praying for the success and smooth sailing of ONPASSIVE, which is currently the world’s biggest Ash Mufareh project.