Video chat

Gone are the days of sending picture greetings to our beloved ones. Since the era of the smartphone started we started bringing our beloved ones on the screen of our smartphones. Missing someone? We quickly Facetime or video call our friends to have a chat with them. Video chat brings people closer by eliminating the distance barrier providing a face to face interaction. 

Just a few years back video calls were mostly laggy with a distorted voice. Video calling applications that are using efficient algorithms along with high-speed internet connection have totally changed the way we video call these days. It is now possible to interact with any person face-to-face with just a touch of a button.  Let us see what a video chat is and why ONPASSIVE is working on better video-based chat experience

What is Video Chat?

Video-based chat is a face-to-face visual communication between Internet users with the help of a webcam or a smartphone. We all know what a video-based chat is, but here’s how it came into existence – the term video chat originated from programs that were used in text-based chats to bring out a two-way video interaction. It is generally used when video-based interaction is incorporated into an existing service. It is also known as video conferencing and video calling.

Types of Video Chat

Browser-based and Computer-based:

The difference between browser-based and computer-based is the later one requires software installation. Browser-based video chat need not have the software installed to make a video call. The calls can be made on the browser which avoids the potential friction of software downloads and eventually making the call interface smoother and more efficient. 

Compliant Video Chat:

In industries like financial service, security is the main priority. Every chat sessions should be highly secure. All the calls must be encrypted to ensure communication is secure. Geo-location stops processing to servers in several geographical regions, this makes it compliant with the financial industry rules. Every co-browsing session block sensitive information.

Why Does ONPASSIVE think Video Chat is Important?

It does not only help us to talk to our loved ones but also helps businesses have a better interaction with their clients. For instance, banks can deliver extensive customer service. It makes online banking more personal.

When it is used with a co-browsing feature improves the connectivity of the customer service and it will make customer interaction more interactive and effective.

These chat platforms help businesses have a great competitive edge in improving customer experience. This is the best way to improve your digital marketing strategies and ONPASSIVE is geared up to provide the best video-based chat platform that has ever been created this New Year.