Alan Bond

We live in an era of thousands of business opportunities. People are bombarded daily by ads saying, “This way to success.” Most people perceive such opportunities to be a dime a dozen. It’s difficult if not impossible for prospects to know what is worth their time and money. People are desperate for a real opportunity that will improve their standard of living.

I can without a doubt assure everyone that ONPASSIVE is worth your time, money and trust. What ONPASSIVE has built and will continue to build is unprecedented in the history of the Internet. To have superior technology at a better price is the making of a Unicorn company. To have that with the myriad of products we are going to have will make ONPASSIVE a mega Unicorn company.

The infrastructure and talent pool of the company is astonishing. There are many details that I can’t divulge as they are only for Founders and not for public consumption. We on the inside have a confidence level in the stratosphere because we know what we have and what is coming. ONPASSIVE will never be completed. It will always be a work in progress continually improving. Become a Founder today and you too will be confident about your future.