Onpassive-leading the AI charge

Have you ever heard the expression, “Marketers are data rich and insight poor” as it pertains to marketing strategies?  Well, it’s truer today than ever before. Those on the leading edge of today’s technology, like ONPASSIVE, are turning the attention of their programmers to power new tools and platforms by artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Through AI, companies are using all the abundance of data at their disposal to make sense of the “dark” data companies are holding on to for use as or when needed.  Dark data is the digital information that is not being used. This type of data is acquired through various computer network operations but not used in any manner to stem insights for decision making. It also includes structured and unstructured data collected via online systems that can provide insights about customer behaviors, content that will offer us opportunities, and even an understanding about the emotional triggers used to encourage high conversion rates.

Let’s face it, more than ever this is an age of far too many choices.  And this new technology, AI specifically, is exactly what is needed to meet the increased competitiveness for customer attention.  Each advantage to optimize our systems to find, engage, and convert is considered the prize. So, technology companies, with ONPASSIVE leading the way, are using AI to automate and optimize their affiliate’s marketing platforms because that’s the new wave of thought.  This means we’re connecting through AI to create personalized experiences for individuals while helping those same individuals to be a fractal part of the whole for the mutual benefit of the community.  In this way, ONPASSIVE focuses on advertising automation and optimization, linking various services and tools, assisting in sales, and… an obvious one… personalizing content for affiliates. And as we move further into the development of this technology, by 2022 it’s expected that artificial intelligence platforms/markets will be worth almost 10 billion.

“Artificial Intelligence is dominating the Digital Age.

The Digital Age is dominating Online Marketing.

And Online Marketing is [to be] dominated by ONPASSIVE.

As a result, the marketing world is about to change overnight!




J. Morlock, Face The Change, 2019

So, if you are looking for a way to lock in success while being part of a global community that is interested in connecting with others and providing the tools of success for the mutual benefit of all…  look no further. ONPASSIVE is for you.