“I was 9 and 10 years old then we got my first computer with my siblings, I think many people remember the time when Comodor64 and IBM computers came out to my knowledge in the 90s they developed these machines and programs for games at that time only so much I knew (but later, when the internet came out, I learned from reading that these computers were not only developed for games, but for other things as well) I think many were felt that way.

I was at the time subconsciously very interested in technology. I was attracted to newer and newer technology, as time went on, research engineers developed more and more modern and useful modern useful technology tools to suit their needs, but then it was also associated with artificial intelligence. This is already a wonderful experience for people. I also enjoyed and used these tools more and more.”

Early last year a friend brought me to the Gofounders/ONPASSIVE, I listened to the first business presentation and at that moment I knew this business platform. I knew what technology and craftsmanship are capable of as soon as they work together in amazing engineering knowledge. All due respect to Mr. Ash Mufareh for his wonderful creation which he has heartily created for us. As my sponsor, Eva Farbas deserves special respect, and for the work, she does for us and embracing the HUNGARIAN and AFRICAN team, she deserves wonderful respect. Special respect for excellent work.
Cyndee Hopkins
Ken Russo
Jeffrey Morlock
Michael Williams-AIM
Bystrik Stefak

There are founders from over 200 countries, and with that, a big thank you to everyone for being here in this wonderful world.
Sincerely, Viktoria Gyafras, Hungary