True Visionary

It is gratifying when you finally stumble on an unparalleled opportunity to provide a sustainable financial source of income after spending over 3 decades on a futile quest. Ash Mufareh, you are a true visionary, and a God sent! I personally gave up my quest when a few ventures caved in, but with this ONPASSIVE initiative, there is definitely true light at the end of the tunnel. As a former MLM developer, after being introduced to ONPASSIVE in May of 2020 and got opportune to analyzing the platform’s varied services, its robustness with AI integration unquestionably surpasses its counterparts in a similar category. Ash, I want to thank you and your leadership team, especially Cyndee Hopkins, for epitomizing true leadership qualities that remain profound to ONPASSIVE. She is definitely an asset to us as founders! You are awesome, and thank you again, profoundly.