Kenneth Hall

I’m constantly bombarded by the numerous programs and business opportunities online. The distractions are endless. The intentions of some of them are genuine. However, there’s a flaw in the design.

We behind the curtains of ONPASSIVE know, and have grasped the concepts and seen the development of the robust AI technology that’s about to be delivered into the Industry.

ONPASSIVE’s core element focuses on helping that 97% of failing entrepreneurs online and offline. The game is about to change, as the spotlight is taken off the 3% heavy hitters to facilitate a level playing field.

With it’s innovative, disruptive features, Mr Ash Mufareh plans to send shock waves throughout the entire industry. The Bull is Already Stomping It’s Feet. It will change the way EVERYTHING is done online.

Each customer of an ONPASSIVE product becomes an affiliate automatically.
Eventually, EVERYONE will be on board.

I stand strong together with the almost 46 000 founding members knowing that finally, someone cares.  I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is REAL. ONPASSIVE is me, ONPASSIVE is you. Its US and nothing can stop it.

Our current GoFounders platform has secured a safe place to work and watch the development of the sleeping beast before we make a transition to our mother site. So YES!! We know what’s coming your way and we’d like to invite you to become a founding member before the doors close.