Greetings Global Family, hope you’re enjoying your weekend. My heart is so full. I am grateful for so many things our wonderful leader Ash and his beautiful wife and family and all they are giving to each of us every day. So happy for the new life they are being blessed to bring into the world and our global family.

Our wonderful support and tech teams working from home giving us their very best every day creating and supporting and building with Ash around the clock. Cyndee (Mama bear) we love you and your latest post in the leadership council was 100,0000000%on point.

Jeffery for all the love and light and hard work your love and devotion too. ONPASSIVE from day one has been and continues to be a breath of fresh air and the wind that keeps us flying high. Ken, you are a true worker bee who supports our hive in a quiet yet passionate force your heart is in the right place and what you do will never be taken for granted. You deserve all the blessings coming your way.

I could go on and on naming each one of our leadership by name, who are always here for us you know who you are, but know this you mean the world to us we see you and are very grateful to you. Our community is filled with warriors and true soldiers in the fight for ONPASSIVE you know what you give us every day we see you and love you for paving the way daily.

Thank you for giving us your gifts and talents every day. Take care of yourselves we need you. I hope my words refresh and renew you today I speak life to every founder know we are one ONPASSIVE and we are here for one another no matter what you may be feeling personal today each of you is a blessing to us all and we treasures you all.72,000+ and growing.

Welcome to all the new founders we are very happy you have become family. Thank you for all you’re going to give to ONPASSIVE AND THE WORLD. Thank you Ash and all the speakers on our last webinar all I can say are we are so blessed to be founders but you know that. I could go on and on but I will stop for now.

Know that when I say this I mean it from my heart I love you all my global family and each of you are a precious piece of this beautiful tapestry being woven together second by second. Beautiful gemstones shining brightly the light and love of ONPASSIVE. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND EVERYONE. MAY COMPASSION GUIDE OUR WAY OUR ANGELS WALK THIS JOURNEY WITH US.