The opportunity they say comes but once. I can boldly say being a founder in ONPASSIVE is the biggest opportunity I have ever had in my online business experience. There are so many programs on the internet but the majority of them are not able to stand the test of time. Most of these programs are NINE DAY WONDER schemes with no value which has been structured to only benefit the few who can recruit and top leaders.

With ONPASSIVE’s digital marketing tools and AI technology, I no longer have to worry about jumping from one program to the other and build different matrices that will always get stuck.

ONPASSIVE will be a lifetime company because of the company’s vision to use AI technology to develop IT SOLUTIONS that are necessities to mankind and businesses.
ASH MUFAREH is a very honest CEO and he and his team know exactly where they are going with ONPASSIVE.

There’s no doubt MY SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED WITH ONPASSIVE. Thank you ASH MUFAREH for leading the way with this new PARADIGM SHIFT and giving some of us hope. I AM IN IT TO WIN IT