ONPASSIVE We Stand United In Love
With Respect and with Gratitude – What is ONPASSIVE? Or more correctly who is ONPASSIVE. 

As we all know if we have paid attention to Ash then it is easy for us to understand what ONPASSIVE is based on… ONPASSIVE is no other than the following, Kindness, Positivity, Care, Passion, and a great act of Love for all and so many of Us Worldwide.

This will bring us home to who we are. so in short what is ONPASSIVE, ONPASSIVE is who we are in helping what Ash has reminded and taught us to be better and more than we give ourselves credit for, to live the freedom we all so desire and rightfully deserve.

And with Ash’s intention, it is as if we are in a classroom of sixty-eight-thousand plus students and hundreds coming in joining us every day, and yet the classroom never fills up and we are welcome to learn to live a lifestyle we all deserve to live, and many of us already understand the teaching of our teacher Ash Mufareh. We grow every single day, we gain strength every single day, we are stronger today than ever before. 

What we need to remember today is Joy. Not scarcity. But Love instead as that is our bets Power in all good. And to overcome the unprecedented time we are in today. 

Love yourselves and share, what more can we ask for, work in Unity and in Love. 

So in Recap: Who is ONPASSIVE? ONPASSIVE Is love!!! We Are In It To Win It!!! And let’s remember we are already winning worldwide.

Thank You, and God Bless ONPASSIVE and the World